Multi Packaging Solutions

Distinctive packaging. Innovative design.

WestRock’s Multi Packaging Solutions (MPS) business combines ground-breaking construction and finishing techniques to produce interactive and engaging packaging solutions that connect you to your consumers. With distinctive packaging and innovative design, we deliver award-winning solutions for some of the world’s most prominent brands.

With our expertise and resources, we can partner with you to deliver brand-defining packaging solutions that distinguish your brand in the market, deliver exceptional results and keep your customers loyal.


We make more than packaging. We make statements.

WestRock strives to reinforce your brand’s unique story. Merging print, packaging and promotions, we keep your brand fresh by creating product packaging that exceeds customer’s expectations.

Our goal is to keep your customer’s eyes on your brandnot moving right past it.

High end paperboard packaging for liquor, wine and spirits

Liquor, Spirits and Wine

Rigid boxes and rigid tube solutions for high end liquor, wine and spirits

Liquor, Spirits and Wine

The packaging that surrounds your premium spirits should be just as unique as the drink itself.

Lifting Spirits

We excel at elevating spirits – through innovative, protective and customized packaging that connects you with your customer.

Combining a blend of premier packaging and printing techniques, we create compelling first impressions between your customer and your product.

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High quality printing and packaging solutions for the confection market


Chocolate and candy packaging solutions that attract customers


We create high-impact packaging to deliver the perfect indulgent moment for your customer.

Decadent Yet Practical 

Using exclusive decorative technologies, unique silhouettes and structural elements, we help to both protect and display your confectionery products, elevate your brand and excite your customers.

Deliver an unforgettable moment with packaging as delightful as the contents.

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Solid fiber packaging solutions for the beauty and personal care market

Beauty and Personal Care

Custom folding carton solutions supporting beauty brands

Beauty and Personal Care

We help your brand shine. We produce compelling packaging that connects you to your customer.

Impactful and Consistently Executed

Choosing beauty products is a personal affair. Attract the attention of your customers with exceptional packaging that appeals to an individual’s self-expression.

Helping boost your brand’s image while exceeding your customer’s expectations is what we do. Our decorative technologies combined with unique packaging silhouettes and styles project the value and quality of your brand.

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Media cases, displays and promotional materials for the hottest games, movies and shows

Media and Electronics

Custom, high-end printing solutions for the media and entertainment industry

Media and Electronics

We help fuel the buzz — whether it’s a blockbuster movie, chart-topping album or the latest video game launch, we are devoted to creating packaging that ignites interest.

Game-changing Packaging

A movie, video game or new product launch is an opportunity. Let us help you take advantage of that opportunity by showcasing your brand in an elevated display with custom iconography and packaging.

Creating memorable entertainment solutions requires more than just a pretty box. Our in-house design team works with you from concept to design, printing, marketing, and all the way through to fulfillment.

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Incredible luxury packaging made from the right materials to tell your brand story

Luxury Packaging

Custom luxury packaging for discerning customers

Luxury Packaging

Individually tailored for your discerning customer — our on-trend, exclusive luxury packaging solutions are unsurpassed in the industry.

Exclusive Packaging that’s Created, Sourced and Supplied.

We create packaging that conveys the value and quality of your luxury product inside. As beautiful as it is strong, we imbue our luxury line with elegant and thoughtful details.

Packaging for luxury products is judged against the highest international standards and plays a central role in supporting the value of the brand. We understand this and provide solutions that support your product’s entire lifecycle, from artwork, pre-press and award-winning creative design, to sourcing and fulfillment across an array of markets.

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Innovative healthcare printing and packaging solutions


A pharmacist talking to a customer in a pharmacy.


Trust starts with packaging.

Quality Practices. Trustworthy Packaging.

A deep understanding of the unique needs and pain points our healthcare customers face is critical to building trusted partnerships. With these insights, we stay ahead of regulation through innovation, ensuring we offer a complete range of products and services that deliver value across all healthcare categories and their supply chains.

We offer an unparalleled range of paper packaging products including folding cartons, labels and literature through world-class adherence packaging, clinical trial packaging and specialty pharmaceutical packaging. 

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Paperboard solutions for the horticulture and floraculture industries


High end graphics prnting solutions for horticulture businesses


Cultivate your brand.

100 Years of Creative Designs and Innovative Solutions

With a curated and timeless collection of paper products, a wide range of inventory and custom tags, sign holders and handles, we help set our customers apart at retail.

Effective, fresh, consumer-driven solutions that promote your brand and help you manage and identify your plants.

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Custom tobacco paper solutions


High quality paperboard solutions for tobacco manufacturers


We create responsible yet attractive packaging that cuts through the on-shelf haze.

Delivering Innovation

Draw on our global expertise in nurturing tobacco products through the varied packaging legislation stages; from the cost-effective management and delivery of printed health warnings through to plain packaging, we can give your brand the presence it deserves.

We can also help our clients with new generation products through novel constructions, globally consistent print quality and the latest decorative technologies.

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Specialty Packaging Products

Premium products. Instant impact.

We design, create and manufacture impactful, innovative packaging solutions for some of the world’s most prestigious brands. From folding cartons to labels, literature and boxes, our in-house design team is devoted to creating customized packaging solutions that win you customers.


Specialty, multi-component folding carton solutions

Specialty Folding Cartons

WestRock Specialty Folding Carton Solutions

Specialty Folding Cartons

We’re experienced with complex projects that bring numerous components together to create the perfect pack.

One box does not fit allwith unique, smart packaging, we can help distinguish you in the marketplace.

We are committed to delivering quality assurance, superior customer service and innovative and sustainable packaging solutions that allow your brands to connect with consumers all over the world.

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Unique, high end graphics printing capabilities for paper and packaging solutions

Decorative Technology

Stand out from the crowd with specialty pritning techniques

Decorative Technology

It is our mission to provide intriguing and innovative design technologies that elevate your brand and inspire your customer.

Our Decorative Technologies are what set your product apart on the shelf. We are promotional experts who can help you discover inventive ways to inspire your customers.

With details like texturing, embossing, wood grains and other finishes, foiling, holograms and surfaces with unique fibers and touchable textures—we bring images to life.

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WestRock label solutions


WestRock advanced label solutions


With manufacturing facilities across the globe, we are strategically positioned to deliver on a continually expanding portfolio of products.

Technical and creative artistry is part of every process for every label we create. From design to delivery, our artwork team starts with original illustrations or digital images and can do everything from a simple redesign to a full brand development.

We utilize flexographic, screen, toner, gravure and inkjet printing across our label sites and invest in leading edge print and converting technologies to develop new products

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Innovative packaging solutions that address compliance and persistency issues

Leaflets / Inserts

Explanatory and safe paperboard healthcare packaging

Leaflets / Inserts

We employ the most up-to-date print and finishing technology as well as an unrivalled range of styles; including all standard formats or more complex closed, sealed products.

We work to elevate your brand to your customers by providing a range of unique, multi-paged literature that complements your product.

We employ the most up-to-date print and finishing technology and formats across our products, including reels, flat, parallel fold, cross fold, outserts, wrapserts, and tagserts

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WestRock Specialty Rigid Boxes

Rigid Boxes

High End Rigid Boxes

Rigid Boxes

Premium products demand a premium presentation.

From start to finish, every consideration is given to the structure and finish of our custom rigid boxes to ensure that your product is protected, and your brand identity is upheld.

We have expertise in production and finishing techniques that incorporate labels, sleeves, booklets, and leaflets that add heightened prestige.

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WestRock Rigid Tube Specialty Packaging Solutions

Rigid Tubes

Fiber-based rigid tube solutions

Rigid Tubes

Designed for the fine spirits, beauty and luxury goods markets, we create elegant rigid tube packaging with exclusive finishing effects and luxury materials to help create a customized brand appeal.

When it comes to promotional and limited-edition packaging for product launches or seasonal initiatives, we have you covered.

We can produce small quantities or high volumes and have a range of special print techniques and value-added solutions to distinguish your product.

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Custom transaction card solutions for your loyalty needs

Transaction Cards

Custom loyalty and payment cards

Transaction Cards

We utilize best-in-class printing and design services that help set your card apart.

We offer a truly comprehensive, end-to-end solution for debit, credit, general prepaid reloadable gift, loyalty, hospitality, insurance, ID and other card-based programs.

Our integrated supply chain for cards, carriers, multi-packs and point-of-purchase displays greatly simplifies development and execution of card programs. We have a wide array of substrates, from conventional to bio-plastics, recycled materials and paperboard.

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