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WestRock connects our communities to economic and environmental sustainability. We make strategic investments to conserve forests and build the manufacturing workforce of the future.

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We're unboxing good in our own backyard.

At WestRock, we care about our communities. We want them to be vibrant and prosperous – places where our more than 58,000 employees and their families can live, work and play.

We invest in our communities through programmatic grants that align with our strategic areas of focus – developing a workforce skilled for a successful career in advanced manufacturing and protecting forests and urban tree canopies.

We also partner with local organizations through sponsorship of community events and programs and when our team members give back to their communities through volunteerism and financial donations,we recognize their generosity through our Matching Gifts and Grants for Volunteers programs.

Connecting with WestRock


We always enjoy connecting with our neighbors to learn about great events and programs in our communities. If you are interested in sharing information about your organization with our team, follow the guidelines below to reach us.

Local event sponsorship

If you would like to share event sponsorship information with one of our local teams, feel free to contact them directly or click here to send the information to our home office and we will forward to them. Be sure to include the address of the WestRock location you’re trying to reach, keeping in mind that we generally focus our sponsorships within the communities immediately surrounding our facilities.

Programmatic grant

In addition to local sponsorships, we partner to create greater awareness for careers in advanced manufacturing and ensure the workforce of tomorrow has the skills necessary for a successful start in the industry. We also invest in strategic projects that protect forests and urban tree canopies, ensuring family landowners have access to education and resources to manage their land sustainably and that all members of a community have equitable access to the health and environmental benefits of thriving tree canopies.

We are currently partnering with several organizations aligned with our strategic areas of focus and are not actively seeking new partners at this time. However, we are always happy to learn about prospective partners that align with our strategic areas of focus and accept letters of introduction year-round and keep them on-file in case we have an opportunity to consider a new partner. We value your time, so please ensure your letter of introduction is no more than two pages and outlines your organization’s mission and operational footprint and highlights a success story that aligns with WestRock’s strategic areas of focus. Letters can be sent to our Corporate Giving team by clicking here.

Employee programs

WestRock team members, and their spouse/domestic partners, are eligible to leverage our Matching Gifts and Grants for Volunteers programs to enhance their personal community engagement.

Current team members can use the button below to log on to the community engagement portal.

WestRock in Communities
WestRock Employee Relief Fund

Our Employee Relief Fund provides financial assistance to team members who suffer hardship due to a natural or man-made disaster. Since the Fund was established in 2005, more than 1,200 grants totaling more than $2.9 million have been provided to WestRock teammates.

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