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A commitment to sustainable forestry.

Forest sustainability is key to the future of our planet. Our forestland in the United States and Brazil is certified to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and Cerflor forest management standards, respectively. We also have two Independently Managed Group (IMG) certificates through the American Tree Farm System, which represents more than 250 landowners and 230,000 acres.

We follow a well-defined environmental and virgin fiber procurement program and maintain a strong commitment to sustainable forestry through our direct contact with the landowners we partner with. Our professional foresters work directly with landowners in order to better understand their forest management objectives, and help them achieve those goals. When we buy from wood suppliers, we require them to meet our environmental, social and legal standards to ensure that the fiber we utilize is responsibly sourced.

We hold ourselves and our procurement organization to the high standard of fiber sourcing certification. All 11 of our United States fiber procurement regions and our Canadian operations are certified to the SFI® 2015-2019 standard.


It's more than your land. It's your legacy.

Forests are more than soil, water, trees and wildlife. For a landowner, it’s a part of your very identity. We respect your land as much as you do. That's why so many landowners choose us to market their timber through our network of trained and qualified professional loggers and wood suppliers.

Another option for landowners is to work directly with one of our foresters, who can craft a harvesting plan that meets your needs.

What can you expect from us:

  • Courteous, professional and responsive assistance from our procurement foresters.
  • Assistance in achieving your timber and wildlife management objectives.
  • Help obtaining forest management certification, if desired.
  • Timber sale security, including load tags, security cameras and mill truck scale monitoring.
  • A post-harvest program that will meet your expectations and your state's best management practices.

Landowner Resources

Looking for more information? WestRock is here to help. We encourage landowners to adopt sustainable practices, so we’ve compiled a series of valuable state and national references. For state resources, select a WestRock mill location below to find corresponding state information.

A green forest.

National Resources

Chip mill at WestRock Covington, Virginia location



Chip mill at Demopolis, Alabama WestRock location.



Chip mill at Evadale, Texas WestRock location.



Chip mill at Fernandina, Florida WestRock location.



Chip mill at Florence, South Carolina WestRock location.


South Carolina

Chip mill at Hodge, Louisiana WestRock location.



Chip mill at Hopewell, Virginia WestRock location.



WestRock secures forest resources from the Longview Washington area



Chip mill at Mahrt, Alabama WestRock location.



WestRock secures forest resources from the Roanoke Rapids North Carolina area

Roanoke Rapids

North Carolina

Chip mill at Stevenson, Alabama WestRock location.



West Point, Virginia WestRock location

West Point


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Fiber Procurement

A Sustainable Future Starts Here.

Our dedication to responsible procurement is part of our very fiber. Promoting healthy and productive forests benefits us all for generations to come.

Our procurement policy in summary:

WestRock is committed to responsible procurement of virgin fiber through sustainable forestry practices. We support and promote sustainable land stewardship practices that integrate the growing and harvesting of trees. We protect and conserve soil, air and water quality. We safeguard biological diversity as well as wildlife and aquatic habitats. We respect recreational and aesthetic properties and forests with high conservation value.

We Make it our Commitment to:

Procure Responsibly

  • We obtain fiber from responsible, well-managed sources.
  • We maintain certified land management, fiber sourcing, controlled wood and chain-of-custody certifications using third-party auditors.
  • We commit to increasing the overall procurement of fiber from certified sources and avoid purchasing raw wood fiber from sources engaging in:
    • illegal logging or trade of illegal wood or forest products.
    • violations of traditional and human rights in forestry operations.
    • operations that have an adverse impact on regions of high conservation value.
    • significant conversion of high-conservation-value forests to plantations or non-forest use, unless the conversion results in net social or environmental gains.
    • introduction of genetically modified organisms in forestry operations.

Promote Sustainable Forestry

  • We comply with environmental laws.
  • We employ scientific information such as state Natural Heritage Programs and NatureServe to promote long-term forest productivity and protect biological diversity.
  • We support the increase of certified lands by encouraging landowners to follow accredited programs such as SFI®, ATFS and FSC® certification standards.
  • We participate in landowner outreach and education efforts (field tours, landowner classes).

Sustainable Forestry and Virgin Wood Fiber Procurement Policy

WestRock and the American Forest Foundation Partner for Forest Conservation

The American Forest Foundation, WestRock Company and the WestRock Foundation have partnered in the Cumberland Plateau to focus on increasing the number of family landowners in the paper and pulp supply chain who sustainably manage their forests for biodiversity, clean water and wildlife habitat.

WestRock and the American Forest Foundation partner for forest conservation.

The American Forest Foundation, WestRock Company and the WestRock Foundation have partnered in the Cumberland Plateau to focus on increasing the number of family landowners in the paper and pulp supply chain who sustainably manage their forests for biodiversity, clean water and wildlife habitat.

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Fiber Certifications

Forest Management, Fiber Sourcing and Chain of Custody Certifications

WestRock's multiple certifications demonstrate our commitment to responsible, sustainable and transparent fiber sourcing.

  • Europe
  • Brazil
  • India
  • Asia

North America

ATFS IMG Forest Management CertificatesSFI® 2015-2019 Fiber Sourcing
FSC® Controlled WoodSFI® Certified Sourcing
FSC® Chain of Custody CertificatesPEFC™ Chain of Custody Certificates
SFI® Chain of Custody Certificates


PEFC™ Chain of Custody Certificates

FSC® Chain of Custody Certificates



Chain of Custody Certificate


Chain of Custody Certificate