As a leader in differentiated, high-quality, paper-based packaging, our innovative solutions deliver on consumer megatrends, including wellness, sustainable living, premiumization and personalization. With a full-service team of designers, mechanical engineers, material scientists and digital technologists, we're able to:
  • Provide valuable expertise and deep market insight.
  • Utilize cutting edge technology in our strong commitment to creativity and product development.
  • Leverage our broad, global footprint to mitigate supply chain uncertainty.
  • Develop impactful paper-based packaging that promotes sustainability and creates a positive consumer experience.
  • Offer brand cohesion across channels and packaging formats, from labels to boxes to customized merchandising display solutions.
Together, we can create beautiful yet durable paper-based packaging that can enhance your brand and help advance your sustainability goals.

63% of consumers globally agree they are more loyal to brands that support “green” packaging choices.1


59% of consumers say packaging that is environmentally friendly impacts their in-store purchase decision.2


63% of consumers polled say that a premium package elevates their perception of the product it contains.3

Great Packaging Is Always In Style


Home Care & Household

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household product packaging

Brands, technology and packaging must adapt to today’s changing consumer, who does more from home than ever before. From products for cleaning and entertaining to products that help consumers connect and relax, we can help you package life at home. You can count on our durable, paper-based solutions to offer reliable protection.

beauty packaging

In the growing and competitive beauty industry, stunning packaging is a key differentiator.  Beauty packaging needs to combine form, function and sustainability —  so it meets consumer needs while remaining true to core brand values. We can partner with you to deliver fresh, innovative solutions that offer unique visual impact.


Personal Care

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personal care packaging

Paper packaging can protect your products through the supply chain while potentially aligning with the sustainability preferences of today’s consumers. Our global network of experts and facilities conceive and execute desirable pack solutions with reliable color uniformity — for packaging and displays that provide a consistent look while communicating essential brand values.

plant tags

Garden, Grower & Floral

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household product packaging

Our team of experts works with retailers, growers and independent garden centers to create unique garden packaging and displays, along with plant-based retail tags and labels. We ensure our horticulture retail tagging and labeling systems are easy to implement and relevant for gardeners of all experience levels — because whether your consumer is a first-time plant parent or a vegetable gardening pro, plant tags and labels remain the go-to source for plant care information.


Consumer Electronics & Media

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consumer product packaging

Our team combines our deep expertise in design, print and decorative technologies with end-to-end capabilities in corrugated packaging, rigid boxes and point-of-purchase displays. Our full-service packaging solutions offer support for vinyl, DVD, wearable or special edition products.

1 Globaldata, Top Trends in Health and Beauty, 2023
2 WestRock's Pulse Packaging Survey 2022
3 WestRock's Pulse Packaging Survey 2022



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