Partnering for Breakthrough Ideas 

WestRock provides innovative packaging solutions that help our customers achieve their sustainability goals and win in the market. We combine deep expertise with an entrepreneurial mindset marked by fresh thinking and an appetite for risk. We’re embedding innovation throughout our enterprise, from our leadership agenda to funding for breakthrough initiatives, as we strive to be our customers’ preferred partner for all packaging-related challenges.  
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Cornerstones of Innovation

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Materials science
materials science

Materials Science

Materials Science

Our material scientists are innovating across our substrates, including the additives, adhesives and coatings integral to effective packaging.

Innovative packaging design
packaging design innovation

Packaging Design

Packaging Design

Our designers are expanding the look, feel and performance of packaging as we pilot new solutions with our customers.

Digitization of Packaging
digitization of packaging

Digitization of Packaging

Digitization of Packaging

Our digital technologists create connected solutions including smart packaging, serialization and track and trace technology.

Machinery and Automation
machinery automation

Machinery & Automation

Machinery & Automation

Our machinery and automation team is breaking new ground in automation design and the engineering of machinery.

The Impact of Innovation

Our commitment to innovation and sustainability produces groundbreaking solutions that make real impacts, reduce emissions and create a more circular economy.

Customer Sustainability Partnerships

As a leading provider of fiber-based packaging, we’re uniquely positioned to help our customers make progress toward their packaging-related sustainability goals while winning in the marketplace. Our partnerships replace plastic with fiber-based packaging solutions, drive more efficient use of materials through automation and design, help reduce the carbon footprint of customers’ packaging and increase the recyclability of common packaging formats.

WestRock customer partnerships

Kraft-Heinz: Recyclable Paperboard Sleeve

Goal: Customize a convenient, strong, cost-effective and sustainable packaging solution for Kraft-Heinz’ multipack can products.
Innovations: New recyclable PEFC-certified CarrierKote® paperboard, with a no-glue wrap design and assembly by a new automation solution.
Results: 50% less material than a fully enclosed wraparound box, 10% less than a traditional paperboard sleeve, and 18.7% lower CO₂ footprint than the equivalent shrink-wrap design.[1]

CanCollar Eco Beverage Packaging

Grupo Modelo: CanCollar®

Goal: Replace hard-to-recycle plastic six-pack packaging with a recyclable alternative.
Innovations: WestRock’s recyclable CanCollar: a durable, paperboard-based multipack solution for cans, with patent-pending tooth design and wet strength.
Results: Expected to reduce plastic waste by more than 100 tons each year.[2]

[1] Lower CO₂ footprint of 18.7% on the Heinz Eco-Friendly Sleeve 4-pack design, while the CO₂ footprint is reduced by 11%, based on weighted average annual volume 2020 for all Heinz multipacks. As verified by an independent LCA study that has been externally reviewed and which follows the ISO guidelines.
[2] Based on 2x3 standard can pack format, and plastic ring finished package weight of 8 grams/pack across 12 million packs