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Employee Information and Access

Hello, WestRock employees! This page is a portal connecting you to the main platforms and information you need. Most employee information can be found on WestRock Connect, the company intranet. You can find everything from employee spotlights to directories and contact information for people throughout the company. 

Additionally, if you are a current employee who has been through a natural disaster or other tragedy, please check out our Employee Relief Fund

Finally, if you need to update employee information, reset passwords or setup first time remote access for these platforms, please use the links below.

Thank you for your continued work to make WestRock the best place possible to work and grow!

Employee Platforms

WestRock Connect

Employee access to key systems and information are all provided through our company intranet: WestRock Connect!

You will need to use your employee network credentials to access the WestRock Connect link below.

If you need help obtaining those credentials, resetting your password or utilizing our multi-factor authentication process to gain access, please reach out to your local IT or HR contact(s) or use the provided links below.

Check out WestRock Connect
WestRock Connect Intranet

PeopleSoft Self-Service

PeopleSoft employee self-service provides an easy way for employees to manage their HR and Payroll data online, including taking the following frequently used actions:

  • Viewing paycheck
  • Changing address
  • Updating direct deposit
  • Updating contact details (phone numbers, personal email address)
  • Update emergency contacts
  • Changing names (legal name or preferred name)

Click below for access to PeopleSoft self-service pages:

PeopleSoft Self-Service

First Time Users 

If this is your first time accessing these platforms, you will need to register using the links below:

Your password for the PeopleSoft self-service pages will expire every 90 days. Using the link below, you can register for the self-service password tool, which allows you to manage your self-service password online.

Register for Self Service Password Resets

To access the PeopleSoft self-service pages, you will first need to register for “Multi-Factor Authentication”, which is the process used by WestRock to allow you to securely access your data outside the WestRock network.

Note: You must be on the WestRock network at a location or via VPN in order to register for MFA.

Multi-Factor Authentication Registration

If you have other platforms which you need to access or other issues for which you need assistance, we recommend reaching out to the local IT and / or HR support resources in your location.

Employee COVID-19 Resources

WestRock Employees and COVID-19

The COVID-19 situation continues to unfold around the world and WestRock's policies are being updated to reflect the current situation in each locale.

Employees who have questions about how WestRock is handling the current COVID-19 situation should discuss with their manager, local HR representative or check the Coronavirus Resource Center on WestRock Connect.