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Let us surprise you with what paper can do.

Creating packaging that has the functional benefits of plastic while maintaining the sustainable features of paper may seem like an impossible task. Every day WestRock innovators make it possible by stretching the limits of paper to solve real-world problems.

Paper-based packaging is made from the fiber that comes from trees, a recyclable and renewable resource. With an urgent need to reduce waste and pollution globally, the circularity of wood fiber is what pushes us to pursue the untapped possibilities of paper.

Led by passionate problem-solvers and collaborators applying leading science and technology, we work to create a circular world filled with sustainable packaging. Driven by curiosity and necessity and moving with discipline and pace, we’re evolving how the world develops, produces, uses and recovers fiber-based products.

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Why WestRock?

Chief Science and Innovation Officer Ben Patel shares why WestRock innovation is uniquely positioned to impact the global packaging industry.

One thing that's unique about WestRock is we have four innovation capabilities: material science, digital, design and automation.

Ben Patel, Chief Science and Innovation Officer

Pillars of Innovation

Materials Science

Materials Science
Innovations in how fiber-based substrates are woven, strengthened, coated and adhered lead to new processes in producing packaging and new products that can withstand liquid, moisture, grease, and weight.  

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Packaging Design

Packaging Design
Innovations in design change the look, feel, or performance of packaging, creating new types capable of replacing plastic or housing new products just brought to market.  

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Machinery and Automation

Whether we’re helping develop new machines or adaptations for the machines you’re already using, machine innovation makes it easier for businesses to adopt sustainable packaging, make their packaging lines efficient and scale operations.

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Digital Packaging
The evolution of AI, IoT, and digital automation is pushing rapid innovation in digital, leading to improved processes within WestRock operations and new products that enhance the customer experience. To see what’s going on in digital, check out:

Innovation in action

Extended reality technology isn't just for gaming. It has many practical uses in the workplace, and at WestRock, it's saving time and money since manufacturing workers started using it on the job.

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Our innovators have designed packaging for some of the world’s largest brands and conquered packaging problems for emerging, high-growth brands, securing numerous patents along the way.

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