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WestRock’s Government Relations Team leverages the political and public policy processes to maximize opportunities that support our business.

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Support initiatives that improve workforce development and retention

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Promote the renewability of paper products and working forests

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Responsible Governance: WestRock's Commitment to Political Engagement

WestRock’s commitment to transparency, compliance, and ethical conduct shapes our political engagements. As we pursue our business goals, we remain steadfast in upholding global legal and ethical standards. We consider it both a right and a responsibility to engage in responsible conversations about laws, regulations, and governmental policies.

In our role as a global company, collaboration is at the core of our engagement strategy. We work with local, regional, and national governments across the countries where we operate. Prior to engaging in legislative, regulatory, or political matters impacting our operations, approval is required from our senior management, ensuring alignment with our goals.

Our political engagement is guided by our internal policies and strict Code of Conduct. From lobbying to trade association participation and political contributions, we strictly adhere to all relevant U.S. and international laws. Our dedication extends beyond borders, as we ensure that any political activity and spending outside the U.S. are in strict compliance with the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and other pertinent laws.

At the heart of our commitment to political engagement lies a deep belief in democracy's transformative potential. We encourage all our employees to exercise their right to vote and create positive change for everyone. Every vote counts - and together - we can all make a difference.

Oversight of Political Activity

The Government Relations department sets an annual budget and has a stringent process for the justification, approval and reporting of all political contributions made in the U.S. The company’s political spending includes donations to candidates for elected office, as well as payments to trade associations. The company conducts regular trainings, compliance system reviews, and internal audits to ensure all PAC and corporate political contributions are made in accordance with the law and company policies.

The WestRock PAC Advisory Board evaluates funding decisions that we believe, in aggregate, will have the greatest benefit for our business, employees and stakeholders. We contribute to candidates who demonstrate a commitment to ethical political conduct. We also consider the geographical area of their representation, their position on key issues impacting our company, and their legislative leadership position or committee membership.

WestRock’s Audit Committee annually reviews and preapproves the company’s “Government Relations Department’s Political Disclosure and Accountability” policy as well as all PAC and corporate political contributions to ensure alignment with our company policy and values. These contributions are also subject to comprehensive regulation by federal and state governments, including detailed disclosure requirements.

Our company's political contributions reflect our collective interests as an organization, not influenced by any individual director, officer, or employee's personal political preferences. Our political spending is not aimed at anticipating, recognizing, or receiving any official act in return. We strictly refrain from making "independent expenditures" or providing contributions to entities like "Super PACs," 527 groups, 501(c)4s, or any election ballot measure. Our commitment is to maintain transparency and uphold ethical practices in our involvement with the political landscape. Click here to view the public policy issues that can help form the basis for our election-related spending decisions.

Political Spending

WestRock Employee Political Action Committee

The WestRock Employee Political Action Committee is a non-partisan voluntary fund supported by WestRock leaders that actively engage in the political process by pooling resources to support candidates prioritizing the interests of our company.

The PAC files monthly reports with the FEC, as well as pre-election and post-election FEC reports.

Corporate Contributions

WestRock uses corporate resources to support our position on important public policy issues. The objective is to help elect pro-business candidates who display high levels of integrity and character, and who recognize the contribution of our industry to the national economy and the communities in which we live, work, and serve.

Participation in Trade Associations and Coalitions

WestRock is a member of several trade associations, coalitions and other organizations that provide information and assistance on public policy issues pertinent to our business. We participate in such groups not only to influence policy decisions, but to gain information that will help us drive progress across our organization. We value the diversity of opinions found within these groups and sometimes take positions contrary to those of these organizations when we believe it is the right thing to do.

For more information on WestRock's Government Relations activities, visit our dedicated Government Relations site