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With a healthcare-focused product portfolio and over 30 healthcare dedicated locations worldwide, we are committed to solving our customers' most critical challenges, including:

  • Supply chain security and optimization.
  • Plastic replacement.
  • Improved patient experience.

Our paper-based, industry-leading packaging and supply chain solutions are the result of deep insights and needs-driven design and engineering.

When you partner with us, our expertise is your advantage.

Over 75% of consumers say that packaging that keeps the product safe and protects it from tampering or contamination impacts satisfaction.1


63% of consumers say that a premium package elevates their perception of the product it contains.2


Packaging characteristics make up nearly a third of consumers’ determination of whether a product is sustainable.3

Consumer Healthcare Packaging Solutions

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person comparing vitamins

The consumer health industry is experiencing unprecedented demand, especially for products that build wellness and enable self-care. However, in today’s crowded market, consumers are inundated with a deluge of products and information. Packaging plays a critical role in helping to differentiate products and improve the overall patient experience. As your trusted partner, we provide paper-based packaging solutions that can help you deliver on consumer demand and brand goals.

Prescription Drug Packaging Solutions

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Drug development and commercialization is complicated and requires packaging that addresses unique needs at each stage of the product life cycle. Our in-depth industry knowledge, dedicated manufacturing sites with global quality systems, and innovative healthcare-focused solutions set our customers up for success throughout the entire cycle.

Clinical Trial Packaging Solutions

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people in lab

Our expert-to-expert engagement model and patient-centric packaging solutions help support improved patient usage and medication adherence. Replacing self-reporting with Advanced Digital Adherence Technology (DAT) packaging allows data driven adherence feedback to be used to empower patients and improve compliance adherence.

medical device pkg
Medical Device Packaging Solutions

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person reading perscription instructions

Today’s consumers often take proactive control of their health through self-care. This has increased the need for medical device packaging that helps educate consumers as they diagnose, treat and monitor their conditions without the guidance of a health professional. Packaging for both institutional medical devices and devices used for self-care need to incorporate a blend of patient-centric design and component sourcing, brand security features, and e-commerce and distribution options.

Animal Health Packaging Solutions

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dog getting ears checked at vet

We draw on our expertise in healthcare and our high-quality manufacturing standards and systems to develop secondary packaging tailored to animal health products. Our wide range of animal health capabilities include specialized systems for small order quantities, decorative and functional technologies, and in-store merchandising solutions.

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