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Inform, educate and protect.

Healthcare leaflets and cartonserts
When it comes to print and packaging, we look to find effective solutions to complex challenges throughout the supply chain. As the need for product information and multiple components continues to grow, we recognize the pressure on filling line performance and supply chain management. We have developed capabilities to integrate multiple print and packaging components on our finishing lines to deliver a combination product that runs more efficiently on your filling lines and simplifies inventory management. 
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Printing solutions as unique as the products they describe

We offer a range of leaflet and insert products from reels, flats, parallel folds, cross folds, outserts, wrapserts and tagserts. We employ the most up-to-date print and finishing technology offering customers from one to eight colours in a single print pass as well as an unrivalled range of styles including all standard formats or more complex closed, sealed products.

Our broad range of specialist packaging includes leaflet-cartons, informational products and leaflet-labels; in addition, booklets offer an alternative to folded leaflets when detailed information is required in a reader-friendly format.

  • Standard Formats
  • Closed-seal Products
  • Information Products

Booklet Products

Booklet Products

Booklets offer an alternative to folded leaflets when detailed information is required in a reader-friendly format.


  • Manufactured using a combination of sections
  • High quality product
  • Good alternative to large multi-folded bulky leaflets
  • Excellent for repeat use /reference applications /recording applications


  • Closure label can be applied
  • Can be folded again after binding
  • Can have foldout cover
  • Page count from 8-200+ pages
  • Manufactured from a single sheet
  • Maximum page count is 84
  • Separate cover can be applied


  • Up to 540 pages
  • Ability to add several 'Z-folds' with perforations to tear out and separate from the booklet
  • High-quality product

Pocket Book:

  • Closure label can be applied
  • Robust outer cover
  • Multi-sided surface area
  • Sizes: 85mm x 55mm (min) - 105mm x 65mm (max).

Standard Formats

Standard Formats

  • Reel-Fed Leaflets: ideal for smaller text amounts but large volumes, faster packing speeds and delivered on a reel
  • Flat: used for smaller text amounts, not folded but delivered flat, normally delivered shrink-wrapped
  • Pre- and parallel-folded: folded in one direction, faster folding speeds
  • Cross-folded: folded in two directions, can provide larger surface area for text

Closed-seal Products

Closed-seal Products

  • Wrapserts: cross-folded product with sealed wrap panel; easy to insert. Aesthetically pleasing
  • Tagserts: cross-folded product held closed using a tag which can also provide tamper evidence
  • Outsert: cross-folded product held closed using glue. Ideal for large surface area demands but in a small finished size
  • Multiply (reels): evolution of simple reel-fed leaflet. Developed to increase surface area to accommodate customer packing ability

Information Products

Information Products

  • Multiserts: leaflet plus leaflet, leaflet plus day-label, leaflet plus card, leaflet plus booklet
  • Easipak/CartonSert: carton with integral leaflet(s)
  • Banded leaflets: several different leaflets banded together for packing line efficiency