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From sourcing to creation, we offer worldwide reach with teams working around the clock to deliver high quality products for your customers. You can be confident that by the time your product reaches your customer’s hands, it has never looked better.

We offer our clients premier design and luxury packaging formats in all materials, from wood to cartonboard to metals and plastics. We source components from around the world while producing award-winning design solutions for some of the world’s most prominent brands.

Luxury brands benefit from a global footprint. We can deliver a world of competencies to ensure your top-tier brand’s projects are executed at the level your customers have come to expect.

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Luxury in the Details

luxury packaging manufacturers with design and production services

Texture is crucial.

Varnishes can add tactile interest and even be used to replicate high-end effects including organic materials such as stone or leather..

To enhance their exclusive appeal, packs can be further embellished by elegant finishes such as micro-embossing and foil blocking. Supported by a wide choice of materials, your packaging can deliver a look and feel that will make it unique – all important in today’s discerning marketplace..

Add in strong corrugated solutions that ensure your precious products arrive safely and securely as well as high-impact retail displays that accentuate the retail experience. Include a global network of design studios, printers and fulfillment centers that ensure you are able to serve your customers no matter their location and you've found a global luxury packaging provider unrivaled in terms of scale and scope..


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