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Foil, shimmer and textures that elevate graphics   

Metallic Woman image

Our Decorative Technologies (DecTech) help bring images to life with textures, graining, finishes and foils that set your product apart on the shelf.

We have pioneered design technologies such as HoloKote®, FoilKote® and Impressions™ that utilize holograms, weave multiple metallic materials together and let designers combine color and form for a truly expressive effect.

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Sustainable Decorative Solutions for Premium Packaging

Use the virtual sample to the right to explore some examples of sustainable finishes and effects for folding cartons and rigid boxes and tubes.








Use the annotations for information about each effect.

Decorative Printing Technologies

WestRock FoiKote metallic accenting


Create intricate foil details and combine multiple foil colors with no added costs

Silver Linings.

Silver linings, gilded lilies, golden eggs - metallics are ingrained in our culture and always translate to something desirable. We help you take metallics to the next level with FoilKote - our in-line alternative to foil stamping.

Imagine combining multiple foil colors without adding costs, adjusting foil colors on-press to get just the shade you envisioned, or creating intricate foil detail previously unachievable with foil stamping.

WestRock TextureKote texture pritning and embossing


Mimic finely embossed details such as fabrics, wood grains and other textures

Raise the bar.

Textures convey subtle messages - changing perceptions and creating lasting impressions. Recreate a world of textures with TextureKote, our in-line alternative to embossing. TextureKote combines with graphics in entirely new ways, bringing the details of an image to life.

Apply textures to define selective areas, create finely embossed details or mimic fabrics, wood grains and other finishes.

WestRock HoloKote glass-like accented printing finishes


Prismatic images and glass-like finishes, our alternative to custom holograms

Let it shine.

It happens to everyone - that shimmer you notice from the corner of your eye that makes you turn to see what it was. Create that same intrigue with HoloKote - our in-line alternative to custom holograms.

HoloKote™ transforms standard materials into prismatic images or glass-like finishes. Whether you lavishly enhance your graphics or selectively highlight your artwork - it's up to you.


Add an alluring tactile soft touch that adds a new dimension to your graphics

No hard feelings.

There's something alluring about touch - an unexpected sensation causes you to pause and run your hand along the surface of an object. Why not add this dimension to your graphics with VelveKote, our in-line answer to soft-touch.

VelveKote opens a world of possibilities for combining 4C graphics, foil stamping and gloss coating with tactile dimensions. VelveKote's matte finish seems to absorb light, with no reflectivity for an extreme matte effect.

WestRock GemKote coating flecked with luster


Add iridescence that changes colors with the slightest tilt

Pearls of wisdom

As the light shifts, colors change. With the slightest tilt in the angle, white becomes moth er of pearl, purple becomes amethyst and yellow turns to gold.

Add iridescence to graphics with GemKote, our coating flecked with a touch of luster.

WestRock JewelKote glitter-flecked coating


From a light dusting to a lavish coating, add some sparkle and glitter to packaging

Sugar coat it.

Jack Frost, The Sandman, and even the tiniest of pixies all know that sparkle, glitter and even grit add wonder to everyday objects. Their signature calling cards are cherished in our imaginations. Bring that same sense of delight to your graphics with JewelKote, our coating flecked with glitter. From a light dusting to a lavish coating the choice is entirely up to you.

WestRock Impressions textured surface printing


Sculpt graphics into textured surfaces at previously unattainable depths

Raise some eyebrows.


Just as post-impressionist painters embraced an artistic movement while rejecting its limitations, we help designers combine color and form for an expressive effect.

Gauguin, Van Gogh and Cezanne broke new ground by challenging conventional limitations. Think of our Impressions packaging as your palette knife to sculpt graphics into textured surfaces with a depth previously unattainable.

WestRock MotionKote Graphic Enhancement


Brings packaging to life by bending and reflecting light to create the illusion of surface movement

Motion detected.

Nothing attracts attention more than motion. Whether we like it or not, we are drawn to objects moving around us. Our brains are hardwired to look at things that are moving. Our MotionKote technology brings packaging to life by bending and reflecting light to create the illusion of surface movement.