Packaging that makes an impact

Nowhere are fans more loyal to their brand than when it comes to electronics. And like you, we’re always thinking about the next innovation and how to keep all eyes on your brand. 

WestRock delivers corrugated options through to stunning point-of-purchase aisle displays to drive sales and create collector items for your customers. From design to materials and decorative finishes, we ensure that your packaging gets all the focus and stays with your customer.

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We offer:

  • Design, paperboard and decorative finishes that make your packaging as unique as your content
  • Inventive scoring, folding and wrapping techniques overcome typical structural challenges and create seamless corner arcs and smooth sidewalls
  • Corrugated options create arresting point-of-purchase aisle displays
  • Collector items
  • Integrated merchandising displays and compelling in-store signage
  • Global printing and fulfilment capabilities
  • Close coordination between facilities and team members
  • Dependable outsourcing through global network of trusted partners
  • Extensive list of trusted outsourcing partners
  • Retail displays from design to production

Find Inspiration

  • Challenger Brands
  • Smart Packaging
  • Retail Reimagined

Challenger Brands

Bridging E-commerce and Retail

Challenger brands, which set themselves apart with an intent to bring change to an industry, are driving massive change across the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry.

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Harry's clicks to bricks

Smart Packaging

The Internet of Things: Smart Packaging

Consumers and brands both want to know more about each other. With our deep domain expertise in brand solutions and consumer behavior, WestRock saw the opportunity in the Internet of Things (IoT) to turbocharge that relationship with Big Data.

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Image illustrating the use of smart  packaging

Retail Reimagined

Explore Retail Reimagined

Brands and retailers must implement promotional programs that do more than simply endorse a product.

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Retail Reimagined

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