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Superior quality for superior brands.

We understand the increasingly important role tobacco packaging plays in helping brands connect with consumers.

For more than 60 years, WestRock has partnered with tobacco industry leaders. Our rich history of innovation, global footprint, product reliability and extensive supply network continue to differentiate us in the marketplace and make us the preferred supplier for the world's best-known premium brands.

We are uniquely equipped to provide your customers with an elevated brand experience, from the quality of materials used to the look and feel of your product in their hand. 

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Made from the best for the best.

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The right material.

At WestRock, we manufacture solid bleached sulfate (SBS) paperboard renowned for its quality and printability. And our Promina® family of paperboard—created specifically for tobacco applications—takes SBS engineering to the next level. With Promina you improve your bottom line and make a brand statement with a pack that keeps its shape, opening after opening.

Quality and consistency.

Looking for assured lowest total costs and peace of mind?

Our Promina paperboard is engineered for optimal runnability—resulting in greater productivity, less downtime and reduced waste. Innovations like improved curl resistance add to these operational efficiencies and help maintain package integrity over time. A champion performer, Promina is the preferred paperboard to run on the simplest and most advanced cigarette pack machinery.

Promina's unique fiber composition, smooth surface and structural advantages provide superior design flexibility, from hot stamping to embossing and varnishing. And Promina delivers exceptional visual quality, making it the perfect partner for demanding printing and finishing techniques.

Promina is the perfect canvas to boost brand visibility.

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WestRock produces advanced packaging for tobacco products

Specialty Tobacco Packaging

Overcoming regulatory restrictions

We produce a broad range of tobacco-related packaging including cartons, shoulder-boxes and labels. As the importance of shelf impact increases due to restrictions on tobacco advertising, our design expertise can offer customers innovative and creative ways of enhancing brand value.

We employ new print finishes and effects, such as special varnishes, that can offer differentiation and support specific tobacco promotions. We have a deep knowledge of the sector and its requirements such as the rigorous control of taint and odor. All our facilities are equipped with the latest technology to ensure stringent quality standards are maintained.

WestRock Shoulder Boxes for Tobacco Products

Shoulder Boxes

Shoulder Boxes offer a luxurious and effective way of differentiating high-quality products. The outer wrap can be printed in up to 10-colours with a smooth or textured finish and embellished with foil or embossing.

Service & Support

The power of partnership.

The world's leading tobacco customers know that the value of partnering with WestRock goes far beyond our products. Partnering with us also means receiving the benefits of our service and support teams, who are dedicated to the tobacco business.

  • Sales and Customer Service
  • Supply Chain
  • Technical Sales Service
  • Innovation

Sales and Customer Service

Critical in an ever-changing marketplace, we have responsive regional sales and customer service teams to meet your needs around the globe.

These teams are in place to provide product, commercial and technical support; listen and respond to your requests and concerns; and ensure satisfaction with our products and services.

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Supply Chain

As the largest tobacco paperboard exporter in North America, we have the resources to support you everywhere you do business.

We leverage our global scale through a network of proven logistics partners to ensure our products deliver on time and in the most cost-effective way for our customers. Our centralized supply chain center is complemented by local experts who monitor shipments from start to finish.

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Technical Sales Service

Our global technical sales service team has decades of experience in converting and cigarette packing. Technical representatives dedicated to the tobacco business are based in North America, Europe and Asia so they can quickly identify and resolve any issues that may arise.

More importantly, the team proactively offers technical expertise to help you optimize productivity and product performance. Not only do they troubleshoot and problem-solve issues, they can deliver paperboard seminars to educate you on paperboard technology and best practices in tobacco packaging.



When it comes to understanding how consumers interact with tobacco packaging, WestRock leads the way. We uncover consumer behaviors through quantitative and ethnographic research and identify opportunities to improve the tobacco user experience.

The result? Breakthrough paperboard innovation and tobacco substrates that differentiate us—and you—in the market.

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