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Stop traffic.

Nine out of 10 times, the path to purchase ends inside a brick-and-mortar store, so make sure your brand stands out where it matters most. From attention-grabbing design to seamless manufacturing and fulfillment, we help you achieve your brand objectives and get consumers to stop and take notice.


Temporary displays. Instant impact.

Our expertise and experience in designing and producing promotional temporary displays is unsurpassed in the industry. We offer award-winning creative and mixed-media capabilities so your brand makes an impact with consumers and retailers—the first time and every time.

The range of our products includes:

  • Countertop Displays
  • PDQs
  • Endcaps
  • Floor Stands
  • Pallet Displays
Discover our temporary display solutions.
A view of a Valspar paint permanent retail display.

Permanent Displays

Create a lasting impression.

Join leading companies and make WestRock your single source partner for permanent display programs. We offer in-house design, engineering, prototyping, testing and manufacturing. And, our talented team of engineers, model and mold makers have expertise in wood, metal and plastics to ensure quality solutions in any material. We’re committed to providing excellent service from concept to installation, so let us help you make a permanent impression!

Explore our permanent display services.
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Visual Displays

Big. Bigger. Biggest.

When it's time to go big, brands call us. We produce some of the largest and most complex campaigns because we have the project management team and state-of-the-art equipment to take your visuals from concept to consumer.

Learn more about our visual display capabilities.

Displays Portfolio

Retail-Ready Packaging

Simple. Efficient. Accessible.

Today's busy consumers face more demands on their time and attention than ever before. Retailers and brands have to solve for this in their own operations by using solutions that demand attention, make stocking and inventory management easier, and ensure products arrive in perfect condition—every time.

We provide corrugated solutions that combine shipping and merchandising into one vehicle—a retail- and shelf-ready packaging solution that maximizes shelf presence without sacrificing package integrity. Our retail-ready packaging designs make it easier to replenish and shop products; increase product availability; and improve shopper satisfaction with the goal of ultimately driving increased product sales.

Our solutions for retail- and shelf-ready packaging include:

  • Hooded trays, micro-perforated trays, display trays, and tear-strip trays
  • Advanced packaging graphics and superior brand messaging for maximum retail and shelf impact
  • Quick and easy replenishment and display of products
  • Ease of transit and automation options to significantly increase supply chain efficiency
  • Sustainability benefits of being reusable, renewable and recyclable
25% of retailer's costs are related to labor: finding products in stock, stocking shelves and disposal of leftover packaging. 
  • Meta® Flash
  • Meta® Pop-n-Shop®
  • Meta® CD
  • Meta® SWD

Meta® Flash

Meta Flash Shelf Ready

Fill your shelves in a flash.

Meta® Flash cases provide shipping and shelf-ready packaging to meet various display preferences and fast shelf filling of product. The shipper quickly converts into a display, providing automatic alignment of products without handling.

Made of two distinct die-cut blanks optimized for weight and surface area, Meta Flash offers customized, two-piece capabilities for tray/hood, trays and belt box options. It also allows for mixed fiber substrates, depending on the type and dimension of the product.

Meta® Pop-n-Shop®

Easy as 1, 2, 3.

The Pop-n-Shop® shipper/display meets the retail-ready packaging challenge by creating advantages throughout the supply chain. For manufacturers, there's less material cost than a typical two-piece tray or half-slotted carton (HSC), plus it's a great marketing tool.

The display panel stays protected in transit by the outer panel, keeping your brand messaging and graphics looking great. The front edge of the tray is cut cleanly in a wide variety of shapes with no more rough or torn edges. Best of all, it's relatively low cost to distribute because it works just like an regular-slotted carton (RSC) on palletizers and conveyors.

Meta Pop n Shop

Meta® CD

Case displays made easy.

Meta® CD cases provide the convenience of shipping and display-ready packaging in one container to meet the growing demands of traditional and large volume retailers. Featuring top, side or bottom loading of your product, this shipper quickly converts into a shelf or floor display carton that delivers your brand message on multiple panels in 1 to 8 color printing options.

The Meta CD cases, in either 4 or 8 corners is notable not only for its innovative design, but also for its 25 to 50 percent higher compression strength. The use of two distinct die-cut blanks allows for optimized bottom and cover combinations based on the type of product, whether it's heavy or light, weight-bearing or semi weight-bearing.

Meta CD 2 Case Display

Meta® SWD

Beverage Container Metw SWD

A new slant on case displays.

Meta® SWD cases feature larger display openings while combining shipping and display-ready packaging in one container. Ideally suited to meet the growing demands of traditional and large volume retailers, these cases are great for beverages, including wine, spirits and other bottled products; beauty care items such as shampoo and lotion; and detergents and other cleaning products.

Thanks to optimization of board surface and weight considerations, as well as easy opening and shelf stacking, this shipper container quickly converts to a shelf or floor display carton. Multiple panels with full-color printing options deliver your brand message.

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Retail Services

We finish what you start.

We offer contract packaging and fulfillment resources to help you reduce your program costs, improve efficiencies, and get to market faster. And, with 14 centers in our network we’re located nearby.

Comprehensive services

Our portfolio of services to help get you over the finish line includes:

  • Contract packaging
  • Display assembly and packout
  • Warehousing and logistics
  • Fulfillment
  • POS distribution
  • Blistering
  • Shrink banding
  • Bagging
  • Flow wrapping
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Skin packaging
  • Over wrapping
  • Liquid filling
  • Sampling
  • Promotion packs
  • Gift sets and signage
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WestRock Merchandising University

Learn to navigate the road to retail.

We offer continuing education programs to help you achieve retail merchandising effectiveness, from Concept to Checkout®. These two-day intensive sessions, which are conducted at our Winston-Salem Retail Innovation Center, are professionally moderated and designed for WestRock customers and prospective customers. We have designed three distinct curricula. 



  • Merchandising Essentials
  • Retail Experience
  • Innovation Workshop

Merchandising Essentials

Road to Retail map

Basic training.

This course is a comprehensive introduction to the business of point-of-purchase (POP) merchandising, including materials, printing, production and assembly packaging processes. We also cover effective ordering, project management and supply chain best practices.

Retail Experience

Real world application.

This immersion program helps participants improve the effectiveness of their in-store marketing efforts. Using a retail-centric approach, we help you develop strong strategies for shopper marketing and merchandising programming.


Man with a shopping list standing in front of a grocery store produce aisle.

Innovation Workshop

Creating solutions.

In this course, you'll develop solutions to real-world retail challenges faced by your brand. You'll even get to work with some of our designers, who will help you turn your ideas into visual concepts.