BornDigital™ Packaging

Automated Intelligent Packaging with RFID
and Other Smart Tags

Eliminate the tedious manual application of smart tags while improving the readability of the tags with WestRock BornDigitalTM solutions. Automate the application of tags to packaging in your own facility at the time of case forming with Meta® BornDigitalTM automation systems OR order pre-tagged boxes with our BornDigitalTM packaging.

A single source for packaging, labels, automated case forming and tagging, we can help you efficiently create a physical box paired with a smart tag to enable visibility of your product throughout the supply chain. We can help you scale smart packaging with minimal disruption to your existing operation.

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Meta® BornDigital™ Automation Systems for In-house Case Forming and Tagging 

Pre-tagged Smart Packaging

Let WestRock do the work to help you meet tagging mandates while minimizing disruption to operations.
WestRock delivers fiber-based packaging with smart tags or sensors already applied.


Features and Benefits
  • Packaging is designed for purpose, taking into account placement of the tag and readability of the tag 
  • Proven solutions at scale with over three million tags and counting applied 
  • Minimize disruption to operations – no need to add machinery or additional labor  
  • Adapts to future technology, such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tags 





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