An alternative to traditional plastic applicators made with renewable paperboard

EcoPush rigid tube packaging

EcoPush® is a paperboard direct-contact package for oil-based solids such as balm, salves, solid perfume, sunscreen and deodorant. The small diameter spiral wound paperboard tube has a fitted cap on top and a free moving paperboard disc inside that pushes upward to dispense the product.

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Features and Benefits


  • Made with renewable fiber-based paperboard
  • Made from up to 80% recycled materials
    (60% post-consumer content)
  • Chain of custody certification available
    (FSC® C-104002/SFI®/PEFC®), depending on manufacturing location and material availability
  • Quality assurance and materials traceability
  • Innovative grease barrier paper available with no added PFAS
  • Adhesives are FDA compliant and aqueous rather than
  • Full range of print and decorative finishes


  • Achieve up to 93% reduction in plastic usage compared to traditional plastic applicators of similar volume
  • Enhance shelf appeal with a unique substrate and a full range of print and decorative finishes
  • Minimize risk and supply chain disruption using a leading manufacturer of spiral wound tubes
  • Simplify sourcing with WestRock’s high-touch end-to-end service approach