Beauty and Personal Care

A sustainable alternative to traditional single use plastics

EcoPush rigid tube packaging

EcoPush® is an all-paperboard direct package for oil-based solids such as balm, salves, solid perfume, sunscreen and deodorant. Designed to replace pocket-sized plastic twist-up applicators. Each tube has a fitted cap on top &  free moving paperboard disc which pushes upwards to dispense the product.

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Features and Benefits


  • EcoPush is constructed of paperboard
  • Each container is made from up to 80% recycled materials (60% post-consumer content)
  • Special paper liner and internal composition limit the potential for oil to penetrate the inner architecture of the package
  • Adhesives are FDA compliant and aqueous rather than solvent-based


  • EcoPush provides a fully sustainable alternative to plastic, metal or glass bottles or jars traditionally used as primary-packaging materials
  • Full range of best in class print and decorative finishes
  • Differentiation in packaging enhances shelf appeal