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Pak On Demand™ Mailer System

Pak on Demand Pouch System

Efficient. Recyclable. E-Commerce.

Companies need innovative packaging and automation solutions that can deliver increased productivity and improved sustainability. WestRock’s PAK ON DEMAND™ Mailer System produces custom, fiber-based mailers and seals the package for shipment – all with a single operator.

PAK ON DEMAND is a small footprint machine engineered to help reduce labor costs and increase packing rates. It utilizes KD FOLD™, a proprietary fiber-based substrate that’s delivered on compact, easy-to-store pallets. The result is a protective package that is curbside recyclable.

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Innovative New Fanfold: KD FOLD™

KD FOLD is a proprietary fanfold substrate specifically designed to enable the PAK ON DEMAND Mailer System to efficiently produce the mailer.

KD FOLD comes delivered on compact pallets that are easy to store and handle. Each pallet has enough material to make over 1,300 PAK ON DEMAND mailers. KD FOLD can be pre-printed with a continuous repeat pattern, providing opportunities for branding and connected packaging.

KD FOLD is made from renewable, fiber-based materials and is specifically designed to work with PAK ON DEMAND.



  • The mailer is made from fiber-based materials and is curbside recyclable. FSC® certification is available upon request
  • Helps meet customer demands for a more circular packaging solution
  • A single pallet produces 1,300+ mailers
  • Provides a compact format that’s easy to handle and store
  • 12”-20” variable length and 16” width allow for single or multi-item orders
  • Reduces wasted space and enables right-sized packaging
  • Increases order flexibility
  • Single-face corrugate
  • Offers a right-weight protective solution
  • One-color, pre-printed, and continuous print pattern options are available
  • Provides branding and connected packaging potential

Pak On Demand Mailers

A Fiber-Based Alternative to Plastic Mailers

Consumers view paper as the most sustainable packaging material – two times more than plastic. * WestRock’s PAK ON DEMAND Mailer System offers a fiber-based alternative to plastic mailers. Right-sized and curbside recyclable, the PAK ON DEMAND mailers can help take plastic out of your waste stream.To learn more about WestRock's continuing innovations on sustainability, visit our Sustainability Page.

*WestRock’s 2022 Pulse Packaging Survey

Example of competitors mailer medium

Plastic mailers

  • Plastic envelopes made from non-renewable material
  • Generally not curbside recyclable
  • Standard sizes
  • Various sized inventory required


  • Made from fiber-based material
  • Curbside recyclable
  • Customizable
  • On-demand

Addition information on pack-on-demand boxes and medium.

The PAK ON DEMAND Mailer System requires only a single operator to create custom, right-sized mailers for e-commerce.



  • Small footprint machine designed to fit into existing line layouts (5’8” x 13’4” footprint with material bale loaded)
  • Optimizes space and can reduce the number of pack stations needed, while minimizing the disruption associated with new machinery installation.
  • Works well with items that would become unstable on a conveyor belt
  • Only one operator is needed
  • Helps to reduce labor cost and enable labor reallocation
  • Makes it very easy to train operators to use the system
  • Integrated label print and apply system
  • Helps increase packing rates
  • Single or multi-item/multi-pack orders
  • Allows order flexibility
  • Replaces plastic mailers
  • Takes plastic out of the waste stream with a fiber-based solution

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