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Cardboard Produce Boxes, Corrugated Produce Shipping Solutions

Need help getting your product from farm to table?

WestRock offers a variety of innovative technology solutions to safeguard your produce from spoilage and damage as it travels from farm to table. With our WestRock Mexico locations, we provide superior packaging solutions to meet your needs, not only in the U.S. but up and down the continent.

Whether you are looking for a produce container, shipper/display box with a retail-ready, high-impact shelf presence or other innovative corrugated solution, we can help. Our solutions are flexible and scalable, plus every box is 100% recyclable, so your sustainability scorecard goes up.

Our corrugated containers:

  • facilitate efficiencies throughout the supply chain
  • offer improved product quality, traceability and lower food safety risks
  • are certified for direct food contact
  • are made from 100% renewable and recyclable materials
  • promote superior brand messaging for maximum shelf impact. 
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Successful Produce Applications

Smart. Versatile. Sustainable.

Cardboard Produce Boxes


  • Using corrugated allows 6% larger payload of fruit
  • Decreases overall supply chain costs by 10.3%
  • Offer greater brand messaging benefits with display-quality printing in the retail environment


  • Corrugated bulk bins decrease overall supply chain costs by 19.8%
  • Retailer’s system costs decrease by 10.2% with corrugated by avoiding higher plastic bulk container transportation costs
  • Corrugated bulk bins can be repurposed for other storage needs


  • Using corrugated allowed 11% larger payload of fruit
  • Shipping costs are 13% less using corrugated than plastic containers


  • Using a corrugated solution decreases overall supply chain costs by $502,804
  • Use RPCs increases distribution center and retailer costs by 12-20% more than using CCF containers
  • The grower/shipper achieves system cost savings of 9.1% with corrugated


  • Using plastic containers can increase retailers’ costs by over $200,000
  • Annual handling and long-distance trucking costs are reduced as much as $500,000
  • Third-party field studies repeatedly show that corrugated provides superior shipping density for greater payloads

Case studies conducted by members of the Corrugated Packaging Alliance demonstrate the significant cost savings when specifying corrugated for produce growers and retailers alike.
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WestRock has a long-standing commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable business practices that guides how we collect, process and recycle materials; manufacture our products from recycled materials and fiber from sustainably managed forests; and how we safely operate our facilities.

For more information on our commitment to making a positive impact on the communities in which we operate, please see our Sustainability Report.

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Flexible Palletizing Solutions

Corrugated Common Footprint

The Corrugated Common Footprint (CCF) is an industry standard specification for display-ready corrugated containers. CCF offers retailers and produce growers the ability to follow the “one touch” strategy for shelf stocking. These containers fit the 60cm x 40cm footprint used in many of today’s leading retail environments.

Display-ready CCF containers can move from the field, to the warehouse, to the retail shelf without repacking. Branded CCF containers provide the consistency retailers need without sacrificing the benefits of container customization.

The system also allows for improved supply chain efficiencies in products as diverse as tree fruit and row crops. The elimination of backhaul expenses, the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and food safety concerns and traceability, are other compelling benefits of choosing corrugated containers for your produce supply chain.

Corrugated common footprint

Meta® Mandrel-Formed Cases

Our Meta® Systems precision forming technology forms cases around a fixed mandrel minimizing case-skew and maximizing structural integrity resulting in cases that outperform comparable standard cases (RSC’s) in production efficiency (higher speeds) and stacking strength. The unique case forming process offers the ultimate in equipment flexibility and enables improved box performance in your production line and distribution system.

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