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Cluster-Pak® Ultima

Cluster-Pak Ultima Beverage Machinery

The fastest, most efficient machine on the market

The Cluster-Pak® Ultima is the ultimate efficient, high-speed solution in beverage packaging equipment. This high-performance packaging machine offers high-efficiency, damage-free packaging options and minimizes labor costs with extremely fast and automatic changeovers between configurations to help meet your high-volume beverage packaging needs.
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Cluster Pak Ultima Multipack Images

Primary Container Types:

  • Aluminum cans




Machine Details


  • Integrated rotator/divider module
  • Machine mounted electrical cabinet
  • Integrated touchscreen operator panel
  • 99% efficiency
  • Small machine footprint
  • Automatic pack rejection

Package Formats:

  • 2x2, 2x3, 2x4

Max Speeds:

  • 2x2: 600 packs/minute
  • 2x3: 400 packs/minute
  • 2x4: 300 packs/minute

Package Styles:

  • Cluster-Pak® StrongPak™
  • Econo StrongPak™

Cluster-Pak® Ultima

The Cluster-Pak® Ultima from WestRock sets the industry standard for speed and efficiency for dedicated, high speed can machines.


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