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Custom Packaging

At your service.

Pressed for time, consumers are outsourcing their meals. This new dynamic has revealed pain points—and opportunities—for foodservice providers. Our cross-functional teams partner with you to create smart, custom cartons designed to meet your unique business challenges. When you work with us, we collaborate to craft packaging solutions to your specifications.

  • Pizza Boxes

Quick-Serve Cartons

Speedy service. Happy customers. 

We produce custom food cartons for many of the world’s most popular quick-serve brands and restaurants. We focus on enhancements that make eating on the go easier and ultimately improve customer satisfaction. From improved barrier protection to convenience features for easy carrying and transport, we understand what your customers want.

83% of consumers say spill and breakage protection is extremely or very important in takeout packaging.

We offer a broad range of containers and styles:

  • Take-home cartons
  • Handled drink carriers
  • Utility trays for drive-thru, takeout and concessions
  • Tuck top and barn-style boxes
  • Kids' meal boxes
  • Clamshells
  • Popcorn containers
  • Bakery containers
  • Handled containers
  • Pizza containers
  • Other food trays and containers designed for convenience

Pizza Boxes

Designer pizzas. Designer boxes.

Your establishment’s pizza boxes don’t just deliver pizza—they also deliver your brand message. Think about it: diners will spend more time interacting with the box the pizza comes in than they will with your staff. Capture their attention and loyalty with custom graphics and printing.

We’re an industry leader in pizza box manufacturing and our cartons meet both FDA regulations for food contact packaging and the USDA’s Dairymen’s surface swab standard.

Explore our custom pizza carton options.
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Ready-Made Solutions

Get carried away.

Whether you’re a full-service restaurant, a takeout establishment or something in between, you need cartons that are designed to withstand the toughest foodservice conditions.

Our Fold-Pak® products and other paperboard solutions enhance customers’ takeout experience by offering containers that protect their leftovers as well as their refrigerator. Our cartons are leak resistant, stackable and feature a unique locking system to keep contents fresh and delicious. And all of our ready-made solutions can be custom printed to suit your branding needs.

You make careful choices about the ingredients in the food you serve. We’re equally careful about the choices we make when manufacturing our food containers. Our products are made in the USA and recyclable. Rigorous quality control, strict adherence to the latest food safety guidelines and continual testing ensure that we use only the safest, sturdiest materials.

  • Fine Dining & Fast Casual
  • Supermarket & Convenience Store
  • Bakery


67% of consumers would be delighted if takeout packaging delivered a solution for oil and grease.

Good food travels fast.

Diners turn to takeout for convenience, so messes and spills caused by substandard food packaging hurts business. Fold-Pak® and our other solutions are designed to be as carefree for the customer as they are for your kitchen staff.

The one-piece design of our cartons make them easy to store, assemble and use—and there’s no lid inventory to manage. And because we offer a wide variety of sizes for hot, cold, wet or dry food, our family of cartons provides a consistent, distinctive image across your menu.

Your customer will appreciate how our cartons protect their food and their refrigerator. And because they’re microwaveable and feature flaps that open extra wide, they make serving food—or even eating right out of the box—a seamless, mess-free experience.

Fine Dining & Fast Casual

Think about the box.

When your diners take home leftovers, your establishment’s reputation goes with them. So what do your take-home containers say about your business? Are they attractive and easy to use? Do they demonstrate your concern for the environment and your patron? When you partner with us, we help you make the most of this often overlooked opportunity to continue connecting with your consumer.

Diners prefer our paperboard packaging to foam, plastic and aluminum. Because they’re recyclable and manufactured in the USA, our fine dining and fast casual cartons support your upscale image. And with a wide range of ready-made options, every food container that leaves your kitchen can serve as a reminder of a great dine-in experience and a positive extension of your brand.

Only 12%

of consumers are completely satisfied with takeout packaging.

Supermarket & Convenience Store

Grab and go. 

What’s for dinner? Increasingly, the answer is a meal prepared at a market, but eaten at home. And for the busy consumer who looks to you to feed a family, packaging sells. In fact, 30 percent of US consumers say packaging is equally as important as the product itself when it comes to brand perception.

Our packaging solutions are designed to make grab-and-go dining even easier for you and the consumer. Upscale supermarkets count on our packaging for their delis, seafood departments, bakeries, salad bars and more. Our one-piece packaging eliminates the need for lids and our grease-resistant paperboard options protect your customer and your reputation. With Bio-Plus Terra® II we now also offer a line of compostable products.

60% of consumers will purchase a product again because of the packaging functionality.


13% of fresh bakery shoppers say oil and grease stains on the package are a deal breaker.

Smart packaging is the icing on the cake. 

Because bakery items pose unique packaging problems, we’ve done some fresh thinking for this category. Our lightweight but sturdy paperboard cartons protect delicate baked goods. And because grease and oil stains can lead to retail shrink, we use paperboard with enhanced barrier properties.

We deliver one-piece designs that save valuable storage space in your busy bakery and a wide range of stock carton sizes perfect for everything from donuts and danishes to bread and baklava. Many of our paperboard cartons are also available with view windows, making our extensive product line an important ingredient in your recipe for success.


Small wonders of design

Learn how Fold-Pak fits into the history of the iconic Chinese take-out box.

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Paperboard & Kraft Paper Bags

We build for form and function.

We get it. Performance is not negotiable when it comes to foodservice packaging. Our boards are manufactured with premium paperboard grades made from bleached virgin fiber, which means you get excellent forming capabilities, a smooth bright appearance and consistent roll-to-roll quality. And our kraft bag paper offers options from virgin fiber to blended fiber content.

From cups for hot coffee to the reliable paper grocery bag, we’ve got you covered. Explore our paperboard and kraft paper to find the solution to meet your food delivery needs.

Plates & Bowls

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Food & Beverage Cups

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Takeout Packaging

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Kraft Bag Paper

Insights & Expertise

With EnShield™, the benefits are
baked right in.

We study consumer pain points for new opportunities. So when more than half of the consumers we surveyed identified greasy and oily foodservice packaging as a major annoyance, we set out to better understand the challenge of designing a solution that protects retail sales and consumers’ clothes. While traditional Solid Bleached Sulfate (SBS) doesn’t provide adequate barrier protection, poly-coated SBS isn’t fully repulpable. Our customers needed a new option, so we developed EnShield kit 5, an innovative alternative to improve consumer satisfaction and help you meet corporate sustainability goals.


of takeout consumers react favorably to a barrier that prevents grease or oil from seeping through the package.

What matters to consumers? Find out in our EnShield white paper.
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Our environmental services allow you to focus on the food.

As a foodservice owner or manager, you have a lot on your plate. As one of the world’s largest recyclers, we can help. We perform recycling and waste audits to identify needs and opportunities and then we manage and service sustainable programs so you can take care of business. We work with multi-location restaurants, grocery stores and other food service providers, helping them meet their sustainability goals.

Learn more about our Recycling Solutions.