Custom Corrugated Pizza Boxes

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Your pizza. Our box. Quality Matters.

When it comes to your pizza, quality matters. The same is true for the box that delivers it, whether it’s an 8” personal-sized box, a popular 14” or 16” box or a giant 30” box. WestRock takes food safety as seriously as you do. Made in North America from U.S. and Canadian materials, our liners, mediums and finished products are routinely tested by independent, certified laboratories and finished packaging meets FDA requirements for food contact and USDA Dairymen’s surface swab standard.

WestRock sources raw materials responsibly, uses renewable energy sources in our containerboard manufacturing and utilizes both new and recycled wood-based fiber. Recyclable when in compliance with local requirements, our foodservice packaging is a sustainable choice.

As the preferred supplier to many national, regional and local chains, WestRock leads the industry with more than 30 years of experience in pizza box manufacturing. With superior printing processes and display quality inks as well as our unique manufacturing techniques that include inline pre-print, corrugating and die-cutting, we offer a wide selection of pizza and foodservice products that keep your food fresh, your brand front of mind and your customers happy.

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  • Clamshells and Other Specialty Items
  • Take-n-Bake Pizza Boxes
  • Printing/Customization Options

Corrugated Pizza Box Options

pizza box
  • Traditional and innovative styles including pizza slice boxes
  • Kraft/Kraft, White/White, White/Kraft and 100% recycled kraft board
  • Sizes range from 6” to 30”
  • B, D, E or F flute designs 
  • Meets FDA requirements for food contact packaging 

Clamshells and Other Specialty Items

  • Variety of substrates including oil barrier and polyboard
  • Kraft or white board
  • B, E or F flutes
  • Up to six color printing
  • Clamshell forming
  • Fog-free cello windowing
  • Meets FDA requirements for food contact packaging
  • Stock sizes available
Folding Carton Food Packaging examples

Take-n-Bake Pizza Boxes

  • Sizes from 5” to 18”
  • B, D or E flutes
  • Kraft or white board
  • Up to 4 color printing
  • Optional custom-shaped, fog-free cello window
  • Meets FDA requirements for food contact packaging
Take N Bake Pizza Box examples

Printing/Customization Options

  • Large and small quantity custom print capabilities that work with your budget
    • Good: 1 or 2 colors flexo printed after board is corrugated
    • Better: 3 or 4 colors flexo printed after board is corrugated
    • Best: 4 color preprint before board is corrugated
  • Single-face inserts for use as a physical grease barrier at bottom of pizza for better recyclability of boxes
  • Made in North America by your friends, neighbors and customers
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