Chinese Food Takeout Box - Stock or Custom Printed

Fold-Pak is America's favorite carry-out food pail and the signature takeout package for Chinese and Asian inspired restaurants. As the largest, most experienced manufacturer of pails for the food service industry, our name is synonymous with high-quality and reliability. We use only top-quality SBS paperboard, with a poly coating on the inside to ensure leak resistance and keep your product fresh and ready to eat.

Microwaveable pails without wire handles are available in all sizes.

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Product Features

  • America's most well known, branded food pail
  • Available with wire handle or microwaveable style
  • Leak resistant, holds all types of foods, sauces, and gravies
  • Moderate heat-lamp tolerant
  • Large variety of sizes available
  • Flaps open wide to allow free access to food
  • Retains heat and vents steam, keeping food fresh
  • Custom print available


Chinese Takeout Box Specifications

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