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Shoppers are demanding better packaging with less waste – with our range of machinery and services you can create right-sized packaging that reduces fiber, keeps customers happy and saves you money.

We’re here to solve your business challenges, starting with packaging but not ending there. We assist with the full spectrum of production and fulfillment and can install integrated, performance-based machinery onsite at your location. We even provide custom financing options to meet your capital needs.

Our solutions are designed to lower your total production and shipping costs while improving your overall sustainability. Building a better e-commerce program allows you to focus on building customer connections and long-term loyalty.

Right-sized shipping boxes reduces void fill and fiber usage

Reduce excess DIM weight

A 20% reduction per L x W x H will yield:


Overall volume reduction


Less corrugated material

Packaging Solutions

WestRock e-commerce packaging solutions include custom shipping boxes, subscription boxes, mailers, pouches and envelopes

Operationally feasible. Economically viable.

The stakes are high in e-commerce: shoppers are less likely to purchase from a manufacturer a second time once they receive a damaged package or damaged products.

From corrugated shipping boxes to protective folding cartons to resealable and reusable flat paperboard mailers, we provide the full spectrum of recyclable packaging options that optimize your package, reinforce your brand and protect your products.

  • Curbside recyclable, fiber-based packaging
  • Designed and tested for your supply chain
  • High-end graphics for brand integrity
  • Works with manual to highly automated packing lines
  • 3PL fulfillment services
  • Packaging certification and testing (including Amazon APASS)
  • Testing and Certification
  • Enhanced Consumer Experience
  • Supply Chain
  • Distribution


Insights-driven strategy for program effectiveness

WestRock invests in and leverages a variety of insights tools to inform our e-commerce strategy from the design phase through to the consumer’s unboxing experience.

These insights identify unmet needs and pain points for the consumer, as well as differentiators that can be used to activate your brand effectively; connecting the digital to the physical of in-store merchandising.

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Testing and Certification

Through successful partnerships with industry giants such as, WestRock aligns consumer, market and brand requirements to develop winning solutions that address critical e-commerce challenges.

  • Certified Affiliate of the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS)
  • Extensive Knowledge of Amazon Packaging Requirements and Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Prep Service Fees
  • Genuine Brand Activation Experience While Meeting Rigorous Packaging Prerequisites
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Enhanced Consumer Experience

WestRock’s unmatched printing and design capabilities provide e-commerce packaging solutions that deliver an exceptional unboxing experience while maximizing supply chain efficiency for the online channel.

  • Attention-grabbing print effects and comprehensive printing capabilities provide exceptional unboxing experiences for the consumer.
  • Superior design resources provide efficient packaging solutions that protect against damage while offering a premium consumer experience.
  • Digitally enable packaging to enhance the consumer experience beyond unboxing for personalized engagement.
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Supply Chain

WestRock features automated technologies expertly designed to execute complex fulfillment models that quickly and safely transfer product from the manufacturer to the consumer.

  • SKU kitting & curating
  • Multi-vendor programs
  • Subscription boxes
  • Gift sets
  • e-Events
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Using our expansive footprint and logistical expertise, WestRock has the capabilities to implement the most effective distribution model for each individual customer program: 

  • Direct to E-tailer DC
  • Direct to Customer DC
  • Direct to Consumer (Limited)
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Customized Connections.

Your job is to manufacture your product. Our job is to make sure your products get to customers safely. Our packaging experience begins with innovative, consumer-first design and ends with e-commerce packaging solutions that drive customer loyalty and repeat purchases.


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When you’re making decisions about how to deliver value to your customers today, tomorrow and 20 years from now, you need a partner that is agile, adaptable and dedicated to innovation. 

We can help you build a successful e-commerce experience that meets the next-generation demands of your customer.

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