Kraft Paper Rolls

At WestRock, we are leading the way by bringing together an unrivaled portfolio of kraft paper products in the North American market. These products are backed by our talented team of industry professionals whose service and commitment set us apart. 

With manufacturing operations located coast-to-coast, our kraft paper mill network offers industry-leading solutions for bag, multiwall, converting kraft, specialty and industrial, saturating and various diverse converting applications. Our customers have access to both bleached and natural kraft paper solutions produced from virgin fiber, recycled fiber or blended fiber.


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Two sheets of brown paperboard.

Bag and Sack Paper

bag paper

A proven track record of quality

Available in a range of light to heavy basis weights, produced from virgin fiber, recycled fiber, or blended fiber content.

Guaranteed minimum options include 40% and 100% recycled content.


Delivering operational performance

For use in the production of multiwall shipping sacks, our multiwall substrate options include converting kraft, Uniform Freight Classification (UFC) Rule 40 multiwall, semi-extensible and extensible grades.

Bleached and natural kraft available for multiwall. Natural kraft available for semi-extensible and extensible grades.

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Products Kraft

Reliable kraft paper

Our quality converting kraft paper is engineered for your converting needs.

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Portfolio of application specific grades for specialty packaging, converting, foodservice and industrial end-uses

Spanning a wide range of packaging, converting and industrial applications, our portfolio of kraft paper has been engineered to deliver exceptional performance while meeting end-use specific requirements. Producers and converters rely on our diverse set of manufacturing capabilities which include virgin and recycled furnishes, soft-calendered and machine-finishing.

Our technical services and sales teams work together to understand your requirements to help select and build grades that will deliver performance in your operations and end-use application.

other paper

Saturating Paper

ReliaKraft® Saturating Paper

A man working on drywall with saturated kraft paper.

Tailored to your needs

Our ReliaKraft® Saturating Paper is a single-ply unsized or kraft sheet designed to absorb saturating media.  

Applications includes asphalt-saturated papers used in the siding and construction industry and for resin-saturated papers used in the construction, filter and furniture industries.

  • Virgin or percentage of recycled furnish (grade specific)
  • Northwest fiber
  • Flexibility to accommodate various saturating media
  • Uniform appearance
  • Basis weights available include 78 lb per 3000 sq ft & 23.3 lb to 42 lb per 1000 sq ft
  • Wet strength available in 42 lb

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