A brown six sided Autobin corrugated container.

AutoBin® is an innovative, patented design for a 6-sided bulk container that is strong, sturdy and above all, convenient. Set-up can be accomplished by one person without equipment, in one-fifth the time it takes to erect a conventional bulk container.

More hygienic than conventional bulk containers, AutoBin is erected right side up ensuring the bin top never touches the floor. The solid bottom promotes bin stability and reduces leakers as it has no pressure points to pinch liners. Disassembly is also convenient—AutoBin collapses in seconds for easy storage until re-use or recycle.

AutoBin is available in set up heights of 36", 38", 42" and 59." 

Features & Benefits

Auto-forming, solid bottom

Save time and labor: quick setup, reduced injuries, due to less effort and fewer repetitive motions to erect bin

Fewer leaks as solid, flush, and fully glued bottom has no pressure points to pinch liners

Improved hygiene as bin top never touches the floor; the AutoBin® is erected right side up

Collapses in seconds for easy storage until re-use

Strong design with
pre-applied straps

Rated at 2,000 lb. capacity due to hexagon shape

Reinforced, consistent machine application of external straps with internal tape

Greater bin stability than bins with inter-locking bottoms

100% Recyclable

AutoBin® is manufactured from corrugated fiberboard which generates recycling income rather than disposal payments


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