A large blue six sided ComboPac corrugated container.

We manufacture the ultimate bulk bin corrugated container—tough, durable, and affordable, and not to mention, 100 percent recyclable. Discover why so many plant operators are switching to ComboPAC® —with its unbreakable, integrated lining and tucked-under sleeve, it’s a reliable bulk container that’s easy enough for one person to set up.

The performance and convenience of the ComboPAC is in its polyethylene outer-woven sleeve, included on every bulk bin and shipped flat with the outer sleeve applied and pre-assembled. There’s no pre-strapping necessary and this combination of quality materials eliminates bulging, bursting, rupture, tipping and spilling, thus preventing waste and managing your operational costs. Additionally, this tough, waterproof sleeve helps minimize forklift damage and provides a more secure container as the sleeve tucks underneath the bin.

ComboPac containers do not use wax coatings and are 100 percent recyclable to maintain green scorecard. They weigh less than other bulk bins and facilitate increased load transportation capacity by allowing more containers per truck.

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