Beverage Packaging Solutions

Tailor-made success.

It's our mission to bring meaningful beverage packaging innovations to market—and we do it fast.

We begin by leveraging our insights and understandings of every client’s brand, their consumers’ needs and category dynamics. Then we create solutions that are efficient and cost effective and have the scale required for local or global implementation.

By supplementing our materials and pairing our converting and automation expertise with brand engagement and design specialties, we create a higher level of success for beverage brands around the world.

  • Brand Building
  • Speed to Market

Brand Building

Give your brand the edge at the shelf.

Our customers all want the same thing: to sell more beverages. We help you achieve this goal by going beyond materials, converting and printing to understand your brands—then build customized solutions that help you succeed.

A key to this success is our ability to identify growth opportunities through primary and secondary research. Our team of marketing and packaging experts uses these tools to gain important market and consumer insights that help you develop new secondary packaging approaches that will meet your consumers’ needs.

By focusing on packaging from a branding perspective, we add significantly more value to the finished product—creating secondary packaging that supports your brand’s values, meets consumers’ expectations and helps your brand stand out from competitors.

75% of beverage purchase decisions are made in-aisle

Speed to Market

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Think faster, design faster—sell faster.

Innovative packaging solutions are most effective when they are delivered quickly—giving beverage brands a distinct in-market advantage over their competitors. Typical design, development and implementation processes for packaging can take far too long for brands to wait to see results.

We have engineers and designers who know and understand your machinery and can speed up the design process. Because of this deep experience, we can then commercialize designs into a cost-effective, manufacturable solution that can be implemented quickly and efficiently using our extensive automation capabilities. We think faster, design faster—and act faster—so our customers can sell faster.

A man looking at a multipack in an grocery store.


Your multipack isn't just a container—it's an opportunity.

For beverage brands, the competition at the cash register begins on the shelf. That’s because 75% of beverage purchase decisions are made by consumers as they stand in the aisle, facing a multitude of choices.

If these findings demonstrate anything, it’s that secondary packaging is of primary importance when it comes to driving beverage sales. Your multipack isn’t simply a necessary container for your product; it’s an opportunity to set your brand apart at the shelf and catch the eye of that split-second shopper.

Our paperboard multipacks are powerful assets that help your beverage brands break through the clutter and connect with consumers. Using Carrier Kote® Coated Natural Kraft® paperboard, we create multipack cartons that are strong even when wet—and provide excellent print quality with sharp, clear graphics that help capture attention on the shelf.


Whether your bottles are glass, aluminum or plastic—and intended for beer, milk, wine, tea, juice, water or carbonated soft drinks—we have multipack cartons designed with your consumers in mind. In-depth consumer insights lead our carton designs allowing us to offer solutions that will delight your consumer and enhance your brand.


The popularity of cans continues to grow. Consumer demand for convenience and protection make it a favorite for a wide variety of occasions: tailgating, family barbeques or a day at the beach. The possibilities are endless, as are your multipack options. All occasions call for sharing—whether it’s a 2-pack or a 36-pack. 


The trend toward eating dairy outside of traditional mealtime is increasing and driving the desire for single serve, portability and convenience. To meet your consumers’ needs, you want a multipack solution that offers superior product protection throughout the supply chain but also offers prominent billboard space on the carton to stand-out in the cooler.  


Flexibles are enjoying a global growth spurt as consumers crave convenience and product safety. Multipack solutions also support your consumers desire for convenience by minimizing shopping trips, and offer portability and storage. Paperboard multipacks also provide optimal protection from your plant to the store shelf to the home. 

Liquid Packaging

At a time when global consumers lead busy, hectic lives, the demand for convenience, product protection and environmental stewardship continues to rise. Your liquid packaging is providing consumers what they want. But, they also want to purchase multiples with the same characteristics—offering convenience, protection and environmentally friendly design. 

WestRock rigid tubes and rigid boxes help sell more liquor and spirits

Specialty Packaging

Specialty products demand specialty packaging

Your custom spirit demands custom packaging. We offer high-end paperboard, custom rigid tubes and rigid boxes that protect your products while creating stunning presentations. Additionally, our high end printing services can create foil, metallic, 3-D, inks, embossing, and varnish effects that take your product to another level.


A man in orange shirt looking over commercial printing sheets at a manufacturing facility

Attract the eye and drive the sale.

Our customized packaging solutions are efficient, value-driven and have the scale required for global implementation. We have world-class converting facilities and partners across the globe, all equipped to bring high-impact packaging features to life—including innovative designs for opening, handling and shelf removal as well as cutout and dispensing features.

  • Converting
  • Printing


Stand out on a crowded shelf.

You have less than seven seconds to capture shoppers’ attention in an overly crowded grocery store aisle. That’s why you need a partner with world-class converting facilities designed to bring high-impact packaging to life.

At WestRock, we not only offer 100% digital workflow, but we have modern offset pressrooms with small and large format printing presses, web-fed rotogravure and flexo presses with platen and rotary die-cutting for a wide range of production runs, and high-speed gluers equipped with Leary scanners and automatic case packers to ensure flexibility and responsiveness. To learn more about our converting capabilities or to schedule a tour of our facilities, please contact us.

Commercial printing


Inspiration starts here.

Your multipack isn’t simply a necessary container for your product; it’s an opportunity to set your brand apart at the shelf and catch the eye of that split-second shopper.

We understand the power and potential of the multipack better than anyone. Our printing capabilities are focused on helping brands break through the clutter and connect with consumers.

Explore our range of print enhancements in the gallery below.


Beverage Packaging Systems

Efficiency and flexibility customized for you.

Every brand is unique and every facility is different. With over 60 years of experience, we know how to design machines to deliver high-quality basics allowing you to optimize every facet of your supply chain, but we also have an eye to the future.

Your consumers are fickle. They want one thing today and another tomorrow. And, they are impatient. They want what they want—now. Our world-class engineers are driven to solve for your particular need with cost-effective, innovative and high-performing machinery solutions that deliver superior and measurable value.

Explore custom machinery
beverage cc bleed

Corrugated Containers

Protect. Promote. Deliver.

Hot, cold, or sparkling, WestRock’s expertise in corrugated beverage packaging provides solutions to customers that go beyond the container.

Our corrugated packaging innovations and decorative printing enhancements give containers an eye-catching edge at retail. Graphics, prepress and printing specialists assess your current packaging effectiveness and recommend options to protect your product and elevate your image at the point of purchase. We offer the best solution for your packaging demands and will provide differentiated solutions for the optimal preprint, litho, flexo, or post print method and container end use.

Our solutions include:

  • Corrugated packaging for all beverage configurations
  • Brand-building graphics
  • Multi-channel distribution expertise: Retail, Specialty, Club and C-stores
  • Integrated protective partition solutions through our partner RTS Packaging
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Crafted for you.

Perhaps no category is more crowded than the growing craft beverage segment. We've made it our business to understand this movement and help budding brands find ways to stand out on the shelf and connect with the shopping consumer.

As a craft brewer, you understand that success lies in the details—the ingredients, the timing, the temperature. When done well, you create something special, totally different from every other brew. Something that beer lovers sip and savor and maybe even get a little misty-eyed over. Why not apply that same passion and craft to your packaging? There are many ways to bring your brand to life on pack. Let us help you get noticed on shelf.

budweiser display


Show and sell.

A product's road to retail success doesn't end at the shelf. Brands need solutions that turn shoppers into stoppers and browsers into buyers.

We offer world-class promotional solutions such as temporary floor stands or pallet displays for the world's leading brands and retailers. By providing best-in-class in-store solutions that achieve brand, shopper and retailer objectives at the lowest total cost, we extend your retail reach.