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Durable, environmentally friendly, paperboard-based multipack solution for cans.

The wet-strength CarrierKote material is laminated to reinforce the pack against the moisture and rough handling in beer supply chains and use occasions. The surface can be printed or embellished to reinforce brand elements and elevate the consumer experience. Consumers love the stylish design and find it comfortable, easy to use, eco-friendly, and “surprisingly strong”, while brewers love the storage efficiencies and its quick & easy application.

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Features and Benefits

CanCollar uses the minimum amount of material required to perform the necessary function of holding the cans together through the supply chain and consumer use.

  • CanCollar meets brewer and consumers’ requirements while using 95% less plastic than the leading competitive alternative
  • Instead of plastic, CanCollar is 86% paperboard, a renewable, fiber-based material
  • WestRock has rigorous and robust responsible sourcing practices for our fiber. We offer SFI, PEFC or FSC certifications and work with our suppliers on best practices for sustainable forest management
  • The paperboard material contains up to 15% recycled content

CanCollar is recyclable where facilities exist to recover poly-coated paperboard products.

  • Disposal claims such as “recyclable” are highly dependent on local guidance and availability of local infrastructure to collect and process the product. Please review the relevant local guidance for your market before determining the appropriate claim
  • CanCollar is not bio-degradable or compostable
  • Recognizing the public concern over the wildlife impact of plastic rings if they inadvertently fall out of the appropriate recovery stream and into an actual stream or other ecosystem, CanCollar requires 30% less force to break the rings than leading alternatives

Application of CanCollar is extremely easy using WestRock's Chunk platform. It only takes about 12 seconds to get your cans arranged and packaged for distribution.

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Schlafly Brewery to Implement CanCollars

A sustainable solution might just give a market edge to one local brewery.


CanCollar Featured by Packaging World

CanCollar featured by Packaging World as an innovative solution that uses 95% less plastic than current options


Greener Package: Multipacking reimagined

CanCollar is 86% renewable paperboard fiber and laminated to protect from moisture and rough handling


Atlanta Brewing Company Chooses CanCollar

In its ongoing effort to decrease its ecological footprint, Atlanta Brewing Co will roll out a new paperboard 6-pack ringer.

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