CanCollar® X is the Newest Sustainable Solution from WestRock

Newest addition to the family of solutions automated by the patented CanCollar Fortuna® platform

WestRock's latest multipack solution is CanCollar® X, providing a fiber-based solution for sustainable large format canned beverage packaging and enabling as much as fifty percent material reduction compared to fully-enclosed traditional packaging. CanCollar X uses a fiber-based, glue-free minimalist design to maximize can visibility. It is comfortable for consumers to handle and optimizes the use of material to bundle multipacks for larger formats.

In addition to supplying the packaging, our CanCollar Fortuna machinery platform automates our customers’ production lines which helps reduce labor costs.

12 pack cans sustainable packaging

Whether it’s beer, soft drinks, or sparkling water, canned beverage multipacks vary in quantity across the globe, with larger bundles more prevalent outside the US, with CanCollar® X we have an opportunity to replace the plastic shrink wrap used in these applications with recyclable fiber-based packaging, improving circularity at impressive scale.

Chris Davidson, VP, Sustainability at WestRock

CanCollar ® X is automated by the CanCollar Fortuna® platform - a newly patented beverage packaging machine that uses a series of star wheels and metering screws along with a highly innovative linear drive system to seamlessly move containers through a travel path in the machine, resulting in unprecedented accuracy of can orientation at high speeds.

WestRock CanCollar Fortuna

“Our robust portfolio of intellectual property anchors our ability to nurture and grow successful relationships as we look to make our planet better,” said John Perkins, vice president, Global Packaging Systems. “It’s through our unique integrated position in the industry that we’re able to innovate with an expert perspective on all aspects of the process – from fiber sourcing to recycling – to arrive at thoughtful product design, make positive contributions to the circular economy, and deliver on WestRock’s promise of a more sustainable future.”