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Box on Demand machine

On demand packaging is a packing concept which is ideal for highly variable shipping environments. Instead of ordering premade boxes, Box On Demand equipment is installed in your facility, giving you the ability to make right-sized boxes for every order (both single and multiple item orders). Every Box On Demand system is tailored for your operation, including our patented MATRIX™ dimensioning platform and cartonization software which help you minimize excess costs, maximize your shipping yield and improve customer satisfaction.

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Benefits of Right-Sized Packaging

Using the right sized box for your orders improves product protection and reduces the need for expensive void fill.

Excess shipping charges (such as dimensional weight) are reduced, more cartons fit onto each truck (reducing their carbon footprint), and customer satisfaction is improved from the reduced amount of waste they have to dispose of.

Improve Sustainability

By reducing the size of boxes and the amount of void-fill used in your packages, a Box On Demand system reduces your costs and your carbon footprint.




Less Waste, More Space for Lippert Enterprises

Reduced packaging and shipping costs by 20% and decreased packing time by 25% using WestRock’s Box On Demand® solution.

Lippert Enterprises
Case Study

Ames Case Study

American tool manufacturer, Ames, was challenged with efficiently packing a various mix of product sizes.

Ames Case Study


Packaging can be a challenge if your products constantly change in size and are highly configurable or customizable. Box on Demand is a new approach to sourcing corrugated packaging for companies that ship a complex and shifting mix of products. With our on demand box system you can quickly and cost-effectively produce custom corrugated packaging in your own facility. Because you order raw, un-converted corrugated, your packaging costs are consistent across any configuration, quantity, or design.

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