Ames Leverages WestRock’s Box on Demand® Technology

Solution results in labor optimization, increased shipments and corrugated waste reduction

Custom solutions ensure winning partnerships. When American tool manufacturer Ames experienced an increase in demand for its high-quality products while their customers were beginning to shift a greater portion of their sales online, the result was an increase in diversified orders that pre-made, die cut boxes weren’t suited for. This varying product mix challenged the company to evaluate the efficiency of its packing process.

Thanks to the implementation of WestRock’s Box on Demand technology, Ames is now able to better serve its customers with the ability to make custom boxes in-house and on demand with the added value of increased shipments and package protection.

Learn how WestRock supports customers with the right technology to fit any packaging challenge while delivering on quantifiable metrics resulting in:

  • Increased shipments per day and customer satisfaction in delivered product
  • Reduced purchase and use of added dunnage significantly
  • Reduced storage space from corrugated boxes by half
  • Reduced packing cost and dimensional (DIM) weight reduction charges
  • Eliminated excessive corrugated waste and lost dollars from pre-made obsolescence
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