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Your high-quality food, spirits, beauty personal care or pharmaceutical products deserve the best packaging - with paperboard from WestRock. We are a leading international manufacturer of premium paperboard with local service and production. From elegant single or double-sided coated board to uncoated grades, our combination of high-quality finishes, best processing, guaranteed product protection and crisp, sharp colours will evoke positive emotions from your customers - and you.


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Market Segments

  • Premium AND Convenience Food
  • Premium Spirits
  • Pharma AND Health Care
  • Commercial Print

Beauty AND Personal Care

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Making the Right First Impression

When your brand and products are viewed as premium by the consumer, your packaging needs to enhance that image - not detract from it.

Making the right first impression is extremely important. The first interaction a consumer has with your brand and product is through your packaging. That is why your packaging has to strike the right emotion with consumers.

Learn more about why WestRock Crescendo C1S, Crescendo C2SPrintKote, and KraftPak are the right paperboard for your packaging solution.

Premium AND Convenience Food

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Give Your Food Packaging the Brand Lift It Deserves

WestRock's paperboard grades are the perfect fit for the food industry and your brand. The virgin fibre mix provides a smooth surface that allows high-end graphics to “leap” off the box while being strong enough to protect your product.

Plus, using a sustainable product such as paperboard allows consumers to feel better about their purchase. Food safety is key for us. Our grades are the perfect paperboard for the packaging of lunch boxes, chilled ready meals, dairy products, frozen food and many other food items. All of this leads to the consumer having a better experience with your brand and product.

Learn more about why WestRock PrintKoteCustomKoteKraftPak, and EnShield Natural Kraft are the right paperboard for your packaging solution. Furthermore PrintKote is also available in a wide variety of extruded coatings. Learn more under the section Speciality Paperboards.

Premium Spirits

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Elevating Your Luxury Brand

When you have a luxury brand and product it needs packaging that reinforces that luxurious image with your customers. WestRock can provide you with that packaging solution.

Not only are our paperboard solutions durable, they are attractive as well. Often, your packaging faces unpredictable environments and it needs the strength and durability to hold up in those environments while allowing you to print high-end graphics with special printing techniques.

You can even combine our paperboards in unique ways. One example is using one of our premier SBS (Solid Bleached Sulphate) grades, WestRock Crescendo® C1S or PrintKote® laminated to our strong and durable Kraft board, CustomKote.

Learn more about why WestRock Crescendo C1S, Crescendo C2SPrintKoteCustomKote and KraftPak are the right paperboard for your packaging solution.

Pharma AND Health Care

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The Right Choice for Consistency

Pharmaceutical packaging needs to fulfill a variety of different demands. The packaging needs to meet strict safety and compliance requirements. It also needs to communicate the respective brand values as well as delivering the right look and feel.

Beyond these requirements packaging boards need to provide functionality and optimal line performance with laser and inkjet coding. Traceability and serialisation are essential to the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, a very good readability of the 2D code is critical to verify the product origin and authenticity.

Whether your product is an over-the-counter medicine, vitamin, health food or a first aid item our paperboard provides you the strength and protection your product needs.

Learn more about why WestRock Crescendo C1S, Crescendo C2S and PrintKote are the right paperboard for your packaging solution.

Commercial Print

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Always Make an Impact

Your first impression is often your only impression. This makes the difference. The stronger the impact you make, the better the chances that the brand you are promoting succeeds.

Learn more about WestRock Crescendo C1S, and Crescendo C2S, the best choices to deliver a unique and exclusive look and feel.


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