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Displays on demand

LINK Retail Signage Ordering Platform

Wherever you are, tap into your very own 24/7 internal e-commerce platform. The LINK order system provides printing, online ordering/ tracking and even data and reporting analytics for account reps, local franchises and marketing teams.

With LINK, your entire retail display portfolio is at your fingertips. We build your portal with all of your branding and customization options to print, pack and ship directly to your desired locations. Your individual teams have the ability to customize your preset displays and retail signage templates based on their local needs and we take care of fulfillment.

PerfectPak barcode kit verification for WestRock-produced sign kits offer a 100% order fill rate with over 99% kit pack accuracy. WestRock can do a customer specific website for ordering new replacement signage; signage can be held in inventory or setup for print on demand. Our websites are designed to integrate with our customer’s intranet, including branding and company colors. We have over 25 active customer branded sites with over 3,000 active users.

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Benefits and capabilities:

  • Corporate control with local franchisee personalization
  • Pre-set templates/ complete customization
  • Multiple views/roles, including adhoc query tool
  • Online portal with Web access available 24/7
  • PerfectPak provides improved kit pack accuracy
  • Reduced print / freight cost
  • Automated, accurate kit pack lists
  • Unlimited store information / images
  • Data management team to assist in setup/ support
  • Website setup can be completed quickly, typically in less than a day
  • Almost everything is customer defined or specific
  • Integrated warehousing and fulfillment module
  • Connected retail app
  • Order promotional materials right on the e-commerce solutions page



Online ordering and access for all of your signage and display needs. Utilize digital production capability to create customized products for market differentiation

Store Demographics

We can help with planning for store attributes, including store demographics/ unique store aspects/ plan-o-grams and floor plans

Project Management

Create and maintain retail promotions. Create store distribution lists based on store demographics and utilize custom workflows with proactive alerts and notifications to keep project on time and on budget


One connection to store information/ 60+ standard reports/ custom reports

Fulfillment Execution

Warehouse management; pick/pack and kitting; track shipments

Mobile Merchandising

  • Installation Assistant
  • Analytics


  • Smartphone App for assisting with display setup and compliance
  • Installation assistant with access to database of display characteristics
  • Analytics powered by cloud-based cognitive services

Installation Assistant

  • Provides online access to installation guides and / or installation videos
  • Captures installation status
  • Convenient access to order missing display components
  • Captures photo of completed display
  • Access to database of display characteristics
  • Records GPS coordinates of display


  • Identifies displays via “invisible” Digimarc code or QR Code
  • Utilizes cognitive services to analyze display and immediate surroundings
  • Records GPS coordinates of display
  • Uploads display information to data warehouse