Electronic Dosepak®

Electronic Dosepak

Accurate. Customizable. Dependable.

The Electronic Dosepak® (EDP) records the date and time each dose of medication is taken and transfers the data to our medAmigo software platform for immediate analysis. EPD is used by healthcare professionals across the globe.

The EDP is a digitally enabled version of the Dosepak® adherence packaging, our customizable medication package with medication information on the outer carton and pills delivered inside a calendared blister.

The EDP utilizes MEMS® technology to accurately record the date and time the Dosepak® is opened and closed. The outer carton is child- resistant and senior-friendly and can be fully customized with branding, educational messages and dosing instructions.

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How It Works

Electronic Dosepak - Reusable Electronics

Monitor, track and record when a package is opened and closed

In separate shipments, clinical sites receive:

  • Study drug packed in Dosepak
  • Re-usable Electronic Module
  • Site Staff attaches Electronic Module to Electronic Dosepak (EDP)
  • Site Staff instructs patients on how to detach Module from “old” EDP after last dose taken and reattach it to “new” EDP
  • The Cerepak Module stays locked in the Dosepak until removed and reused in the next pack

Additional Smart Packaging Options

Cerepak® Smart Adherence Packaging

Byway of a tiny, hidden microprocessor, Cerepak tracks the removal of each specific tablet, which is critical for dose titration (pill dosage changes) and for regimens with a mix of placebo and active drugs.

Helping Hand

The Helping Hand is a customizable medication package with a reusable Helping Hand blister sleeve that measures dosing patterns, protects pills and reminds patients to take medications at the appropriate times.


The MEMS® Cap is a customizable medication package available that records and stores up to 4,000 dosing events. With integrated microcircuits, the child-resistant MEMS® Cap records the date and time whenever a patient opens a vial and can transfer dosing data when used in conjunction with a MEMS reader.


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