Meta® SWD

A tall white and blue Meta SWD slanted wall display container.

Meta® SWD cases feature larger display openings while combining shipping and display ready packaging in one container. Ideally suited to meet the growing demands of traditional and large volume retailers, these cases are great for beverages—wine,spirits and bottled products; beauty care items such as shampoo and lotions; and detergents or other home care cleaning products.

Optimization of board surface and weight considerations and easy opening and shelf stacking allows this shipper container to quickly convert to a shelf or floor display carton that delivers your brand message on multiple panels with many full color printing options.

Meta® SWD Two-Piece Slanted Wall Display Automated Shelf-Ready Case Display

  • Mandrel formed shelf-ready packaging
  • 4, 6, 8, and 12-corner options
  • Ideal for shelf presentation of bottles and liquids

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Meta® Mandrel-Formed Cases

Our Meta® Systems precision forming technology forms cases around a fixed mandrel minimizing case-skew and maximizing structural integrity resulting in cases that outperform comparable standard cases (RSC’s) in production efficiency (higher speeds) and stacking strength. The unique case forming process offers the ultimate in equipment flexibility and enables improved box performance in your production line and distribution system.


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