kraft paper bag intro

Products you want. People you want to work with.

At WestRock, we pride ourselves on delivering the kraft paper products you want. But our people set us apart. They’re not satisfied until you are. They align their goals with yours. Your hurdles become theirs and they work hard to deliver solutions. For them, customer service isn’t a goal; it’s the way they conduct business each and every day.

As a significant producer in the kraft paper market, our kraft paper mill network offers a broad range of both bleached and kraft grades. We deliver a variety of capabilities from virgin fiber to recycled fiber, as well as blended fiber content.

WestRock’s kraft paper machines are among the fastest and widest in the industry, yet we can also produce smaller specialty runs to meet your customized needs. With mills in the Northwest and Southeast, we are uniquely positioned to offer you geographical and logistical benefits.

Our kraft papers are used to create a vast variety of products including but not limited to:

  • quick-serve carryout bags
  • grocery and shopping bags
  • butcher wrap and freezer paper base stock
  • multi-wall shipping sacks, both asphalt- and resin-saturated base stocks
  • protective packaging applications
  • other specialty products including wet-strength and red rosin

Kraft Paper Product Branding

We are excited to partner with you and offer numerous solutions through our expansive and unmatched kraft paper product portfolio. We are making changes to our product portfolio that will not only enable us to all better navigate this great portfolio, but will also allow us to better demonstrate how our products relate to each other and your needs. 

We want to make sure that you are fully supported during this transition. Click here to view a listing of our old product names and the new product names that you can use during this change. In addition, you can click here to download frequently asked questions about the changes.

Please do not hesitate to contact your sales representative with any questions.