Two-Piece Joiner

Two-piece joiner machine.

Pre-combines two different diecut substrate blanks (for example the two piece Meta® CD) which can then be run on the standard Meta 150 or LS machines to form the finished case.

This innovative technology:

  • Extends the capability of the mandrel-formed technology case system
  • Brings retail-ready and shelf-ready packaging operations in-house
  • Facilitates the joining of mixed fiber substrates
  • Delivers precision package designs for multiple channels.

Meta® Mandrel-Formed Cases

The unique Meta Systems case forming process offers the ultimate in equipment flexibility and speed as die-cut blanks are precisely formed into cases around a fixed mandrel, minimizing case-skew and maximizing structural integrity. This precision enables better box performance on your production line and through your distribution system, and:

A brown and blue Meta CD case display container.
  • Accommodates cases with high impact design for branding and product display appeal
  • Reduces fiber while increasing stacking strength
  • Utilizes flat blanks to transport and stack easily
  • facilitates case size consistency


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