You face challenges.
We customize solutions.
Everybody wins.

In today’s marketplace, obstacles abound. E-commerce expands exponentially. Distribution complexities complicate the game plan. Sustainability considerations are more top of mind. At WestRock, we leverage marketplace insights and deep data to create custom automated packaging machines that drive margins and minimize risks.

Consumer Challenges:  Changing demographics and evolving needs Health and wellness, convenience, sustainability, customization Less brand loyalty Increased tech and data expectations Channel Challenges:  E-commerce Growth in new/smaller formats Store center vs. perimeter concerns  Cost/Complexity Challenges:  SKU proliferation Manufacturing and distribution complexities Labor shortages Significant cost/margin pressure

Your needs, unique.
Our solutions, tailor-made.

Machine automation is not a one-size-fits-all situation. Instead, your specific requirements drive our customized machinery systems. What product are you packaging? What’s driving your growth — e-commerce or retail readiness? A winning packaging machine solution starts with asking the right questions.

A range of solutions, no matter the need:

<graphic: hand-packing needs -> low-speed automation -> high-speed automation>

Automated Packaging Systems

Efficiency, optimized.

How do you improve production line performance and optimize your supply chain? WestRock answers this challenge with innovative structural designs and advanced technologies. From single case erectors to fully integrated line designs, we provide custom turnkey solutions and expertise that go beyond the box to positively impact your bottom line.

Automated Packaging Systems deliver efficiency solutions for customers across a wide range of markets, for all types of products, and in multiple line speeds:

  • Standard and custom end-of-line packaging solutions: case erectors, case formers, case sealers, case packers, tray formers, wraparounds and more.
  • Precision mandrel-forming technology: Containers are formed around a fixed mandrel offering, the ultimate in flexibility of designs and speed.
  • Box on Demand®: Make any box, sized right, every time–on site and on demand.

Multipack Automation

Complexity, simplified.

Today’s beverage packaging demands are more complex than yesterday’s. Consumers demand more variety and retailers expect more choices. More than ever, today’s leading beverage and liquid manufacturers depend on multipack machinery to streamline operations and deliver on a range of varied demands.

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