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Veterans at WestRock

Military veterans have consistently proven themselves to be reliable, independent and hardworking team members. WestRock believes our values of integrity, respect, excellence and accountability align with your service core values, and we stand committed to embracing your military service and leadership while helping you transition to your new career.

With more than 300 locations worldwide, WestRock encourages transitioning military veterans to apply who have experience in maintenance and technical service, production and manufacturing, engineering, supply chain, procurement, logistics, sales, Lean Six Sigma, quality and safety. WestRock desires traits such as leadership, work ethic, agility and strategic thinking that the military provides candidates entering the civilian workforce. We are committed to providing training and development opportunities to help transition military veterans become the best that they can be.

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A world of opportunity.

WestRock offers a wide variety of career paths. Whether you’re in logistics, quality, maintenance, safety, finance or IT, you can find a challenging, rewarding position on one of our teams.

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Veterans living our values.

Veterans are a significant percentage of our total workforce at WestRock. As an organization, we thank them for their service. Below are some of their stories. 

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Terrance Bellock

United States Navy   WestRock Account Representative

Terrance Bellock head shot

Terrance Bellock

United States Navy

I started working at WestRock four years ago and since then, I have had many roles within the company. From a co-op position in communications to a research and development process manager, I have worn a lot of hats throughout my career.

Being in the Navy, I was able to thrive in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment. That experience helps to transition into my roles at WestRock, and gives me the flexibility to adapt to any given project, situation or deadline. 

Working at WestRock has showed me that there are a lot of similarities to my time in the service. WestRock embodies the Navy's core values of Honor, Courage and Commitment. At the end of the day, the company is a team of people all working toward one common goal with the utmost respect and accountability to all parties involved

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Deven Dye

United States Air Force WestRock Plant Manager

Deven Dye head shot

Deven Dye

United States Air Force

During my time the United States Air Force, I was an aircraft electrical and environmental specialist, working on sophisticated machines every day. Since then, I have been able to transition into multiple roles, working with many great people at WestRock.

Beginning my career at WestRock as an improvement manager, I have been able to shift focus to many of our businesses and cross-functional teams. With clear vision and definable goals, the company has allowed me to succeed by providing a culture of new ideas and a values.

Learning skills has given me the opportunity to become knowledgeable in areas such as performance excellence, customer relations and six sigma.

WestRock is a company that allows you to become anything you want. Given our values of Integrity, Respect, Accountability and Excellence, the company allows team members to grow, no matter what career path you choose.

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Heidi Graf

United States Army Reserve WestRock Safety Coordinator            

Heidi Graf head shot

Staff Sergeant Heidi Graf

United States Army Reserve

After coming off of active duty in 2013, I joined WestRock as a safety coordinator. For me, living the values of the company are top of mind on a daily basis. I am also able to live our values daily, through integrity and teamwork. A huge part of the Army Values and Warrior Ethos is safety. As a soldier and a WestRock employee, if I allow myself to lose sight of what's expected of me I jeopardize the mission at hand.

I have a background in training and WestRock has given me opportunities to teach and use those skills to educate and inform fellow employees about ongoing safety initiatives at our locations. Becoming a SafeStart trainer at WestRock has allowed me to translate my Army skills into the workplace.

My past military experience has translate over to WestRock and allowed me to succeed and grow in various aspects of the company.

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Leslie Lavarez

United States Navy Reserve WestRock Accounting Clerk

Leslie Lavarez head shot

Leslie Lavarez

United States Navy Reserve

After joining WestRock eight years ago, I have been able to further develop my skillset that I acquired from my time in the United States Navy Reserve.

Through my experience in the Navy, getting a team or unit to work more cohesively and collaboratively significantly contributes to that team’s success as a whole. At WestRock, this is no different.

Building on my service in the Navy, working at WestRock has given me the challenges to learn more about multiple Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and enterprise software. Most of all, being able to work collaboratively to streamline and improve processes has given me the most satisfaction as an employee.

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Nic Sabellico

United States Army Reserve WestRock Management Trainee

Nic Sabellico

Nic Sabellico

United States Army Reserve

Through organizational leadership and process improvement, I have been able to expand six years of military service into firsthand workforce experience at WestRock.

The ability to understand the full breadth of the company and work with many cross-functional groups on various projects has allowed me to live our values of integrity, respect, accountability and excellence every day.

WestRock has empowered me with the tools and freedom to be successful and increase effectiveness. Being able to work on multiple projects, I feel encouraged every day to solve problems and present new ideas to team members across the company.