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Meet Doug Sharo, senior program manager in Richmond, Virginia

Doug Sharo has a passion for sustainability. So, it’s no surprise that he enjoys every day of his job as senior program manager, Sustainability.

Doug has worked at WestRock since 2011, starting as an analyst. As WestRock and our customers began to focus on sustainability, Doug and his teammates were at the center of answering questions on how we could better strategize, set sustainability goals, and begin our sustainability reporting journey. Today, that work helps us as we imagine and deliver on the promise of a sustainable future.


“Our focus on sustainability really grew from there, as we started to become more strategic,” Doug said. “And to be a part of that was incredibly rewarding.”

Doug describes his job to friends and family as “exclusively sustainability.” To those at WestRock, some of the projects he’s had a hand in bringing to the finish line will sound familiar: the 2021 Sustainability Report, reporting on our greenhouse gas emissions, and our strategy for how we will meet our Science Based Targets (SBT). 

“Most of my responsibilities revolve around a lot of our excellent reporting efforts, especially the sustainability data and metrics that we communicate out,” Doug said. “So, I am directly involved in our science-based targets initiative. And that project was a huge win.”

The most enjoyable part of his job? That’s an easy question, he says: The constant change, the constant opportunities to learn something new – and the new challenges that arise every day.

At Westrock, we believe in the power of fiber-based packaging to drive a more sustainable future. Thanks to teammates like Doug, our customers and partners, we’re making progress toward a more circular economy.


You can balance having a positive impact on the environment with making a profit. Today, sustainability is baked into our strategy, it’s baked into a lot of our customers’ strategies and how we approach challenges.

Doug Sharo, senior program manager

Imagining and Delivering on a Sustainable Future

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