WestRock Recycling Opportunities

Your financial goals. Your sustainability goals. Each complements the other.

The two are not mutually exclusive. In fact, WestRock believes they should be mutually beneficial. As one of the largest integrated recyclers — and one of the few who has a hand in every step of the process — we have the experience, expertise and broad solution portfolio to help you achieve your goals.

What goes around comes around - the WestRock Recycling Process

As an integral part to the entire life cycle of your material, WestRock brings a level of fiber expertise to the process that few companies can match.

  1. We collect or accept materials for recycling.
  2. We process and recycle the fiber (fiber can be recycled 5-7 times).
  3. We put that fiber back into the manufacturing process (half of it goes to our own mills).
  4. We also provide virgin fiber for the process.
  5. We make new boxes and other material.
  6. This material goes back into the marketplace.
  7. We re-collect the used material.
  8. And the process starts over.
Recycling Circle

Who is WestRock Recycling

Recycling services to meet your shifting needs.

We have built our portfolio of services around your evolving needs. Today, we can support you in the following ways:

Strategic Customer Management

We oversee, manage, and maintain all your recycling business and transactions and provide efficient execution based on your required specifications.

Recovered Material Brokerage

We find end-use markets, across all industries domestically and globally, for the recovered fiber and non-fiber generated by WestRock processing plants and our suppliers.

Recyclables Processing

We process your recycling material – either loose or baled – and help you get maximum value for it.

The WestRock Recycling Advantage

Access to Markets icon filled

Access to Markets

Access to Markets icon outline

Access to Markets

Access to markets

WestRock Recycling's access to diverse markets – the result of leveraging our size, footprint and network – allows us to negotiate favorable, competitive pricing.

Company-owned Mills icon filled

Company-Owned Mills

Company-owned Mills icon outline

Company-Owned Mills

Company-owned Mills

The paper and cardboard collected at our recycling plants supply WestRock-owned paper mills. This integrated system allows for efficient material movement and, because you work directly with our mills, assures reliability and material continuity.

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Integrated trucking & logistics

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Integrated trucking & logistics

Integrated trucking & logistics

Our logistics are designed to keep your costs low and decrease material backlog at your facility by efficiently and reliably moving recyclable material via our fleet of trucks.

Equipment Program Icon Filled

Equipment programs

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Equipment programs

Equipment programs

Utilizing a rebate cost-deduction program, our structured equipment purchase, rental and leasing programs are designed to help you reduce your capital equipment expenditure.

Mobile Application Icon Filled

Mobile application

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Mobile application

Mobile application

Our mobile application provides real-time notifications to haulers and suppliers when a trailer is loaded and ready for pickup. The app delivers automated confirmations and allows you to see estimated service dates while improving on-time transportation services.

Delivering Value

Helping mitigate your costs through:

  • The right quality fiber supply
  • Inventory optimization
  • Logistics expertise
  • Maximizing the value of recyclable materials
  • The quality and efficiency of our plant network

Helping mitigate your risk through:

  • Supply chain optimization
  • Integrated and independent recycling system
  • Recycling plant network
  • Well defined export channels and processes

Contributing to your sustainability goals through:

  • Maximizing recyclable collection and landfill diversion
  • Waste stream expertise
  • Offering a direct link from recyclable collection to reuse

360° Sustainability Loop

The WestRock 360° Sustainability Loop represents a chain of custody, providing a managed and simplified process from start to finish, resulting in cost and risk mitigation.

Learn more about all our sustainability initiatives.

Portfolio of Services

We have what it takes to do what you need.

We build our portfolio of services around your very real and changing needs. So as those needs continue to evolve, know that our ways of helping you meet them will too. Today, we can handle your needs in the following ways:

  • Recyclables Processing
  • Recycling Solutions

Recovered Fiber Brokerage Services

Recovered Fiber

Recovered Fiber Brokerage Services:

Our vast infrastructure ensures consistent pickup and delivery of your recovered fiber material.

Recyclables Processing

Recyclables Recycling Image

Recyclables Processing:

We collect your material - either loose or baled - and help you get maximum value for it.

Recycling Solutions

REcycling Solutions Image

Recycling Solutions:

With our innovation and highly specialized experience in recycling, we provide customized, winning solutions that accommodate all of your recycling needs.

Our Locations

A national network.

Throughout the Continental U.S. and Alaska, we have 19 recycling facilities providing both commercial and residential services.

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