EnduraFiber™ Market Pulp

Easy isn’t just in the name.

Making it easy is a part of this pulp’s fiber. Produced predominantly from loblolly pine, EnduraFiber™ Market Pulp provides an outstanding level of brightness and cleanliness while also offering high tear and breaking length capabilities.

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What you can expect from us:


100% ECF southern bleached softwood kraft pulp


Best used with:

  • Variety of paper and tissue applications
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    • All WestRock North American paperboard mills are certified to the SFI™, PEFC™, FSC© Chain of Custody Standards. Contact your WestRock sales representative for certified fiber availability for this product.Certificates Codes: SFI Certified Sourcing: NSF-SFILUFS-6S751, SFI CoC: NSF-SFICOC-6S751, PEFC: NSF-PEFCCOC-6S751FSC Company Code: FSC-C104002
    • Recyclable

    Environmental & Product Safety

    • Notices under US California Proposition 65 and the EU REACH regulation are not required
    • Meets heavy metal limits of the US Model Toxics in Packaging rules and Article 11 of EU Directive 94/62/EC

    *Contact WestRock for details
    This information is subject to change without notice.

    Food Contact

    • Meets multiple national requirements for food contact packaging, e.g., US and Canada. Contact your sales representative for information on specific markets and end-uses.


    • Produced at an ISO 9001 certified facility