Connecting Innovation and Sustainability: A Q&A with Jim Caudill, vice president, packaging innovation at WestRock

As consumer products companies, food and beverage companies, quick-service restaurants and major retailers continue to set big goals for sustainability, packaging innovation is a major lever for them to pull. Replacing plastic with sustainable packaging is a huge priority for many customers, and Jim Caudill and his team are splitting their time between customer meetings, the lab and the pilot plant with several exciting sustainable packaging innovations on the horizon.

"Sustainability isn’t only about what we don’t emit into the environment as a manufacturer, but what we create in partnership with our customers to help them achieve their sustainability objectives"

Our consumer insights data shows that making packaging as strong, efficient and sustainable as possible strengthens trust in our customers’ brands. Read our Q&A with Jim Caudill on how we are helping customers through innovative, sustainable paper and packaging.

Jim Caudill leads a team of WestRock engineers in developing new ways to connect people to products through sustainable innovation in packaging.

Jim Caudill, vice president,  packaging innovation, WestRock

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