Features and Benefits

This solution delivers value in the following ways:

VDM Icon Grow Sales

Grow Sales

  • Innovative package structure allows for vertical display and premium positioning
  • Wide range of shelf-ready tertiary packaging formats enable greater channel options
  • High efficiency unlocks capacity to meet demand growth
VDM Icon Lower Cost

Lower Total Cost

  • Significant material and logistics savings vs fully enclosed carton
  • High production efficiency and low maintenance
  • Potential to reduce labor cost
VDM Icon Minimize Risk

Minimize Risk

  • Single point accountability for end of line equipment and service
  • Combination of known, commercially available solutions
VDM Icon Improve sustainability

Improve Sustainability

  • Renewable, recyclable, material- optimized fiber solutions (bowls, wrap, tertiary)
  • Fewer trucks required for inbound logistics of wraps vs fully enclosed


  • Speeds up to 160 packs per minute
  • Lube-free machine
  • Full Rockwell Allen-Bradley PLC controls 
  • Servo drive motors
  • Walk-in access for easy maintenance and operator safety
  • Automatic continuous motion design
  • Stainless construction for wash down

  • Secondary Packaging
  • Tertiary Packaging

Primary Packaging

  • Bowls and trays, including WestRock Paperboard bowl
  • Height between 33mm and 130 mm
  • Diameter between 50mm and 270mm
Cluster Pak eMerge Combo Packaging Media

Secondary Packaging


  • 1x1 single sleeve
  • Option for stacked primaries
  • Glued or glue-free locking closures available


  • Straight Wrap
  • Cup Locker
  • Dual Cup Locker
  • Cluster-Pak with Gussets

Cluster Pak eMerge Combo Packaging Media

Tertiary Packaging

  • Harness Wrap SRP
  • 2-Facing SRP
  • Harness Wrap (One-piece shipper)
Cluster Pak eMerge Combo Packaging Media
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