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Retail Reimagined

At WestRock, we recognize the urgent need to reinvent the retail experience to better serve the changing expectations of the shopper.

The rise of e-commerce, fueled by social and technological factors, has placed incredible demand on retailers to offer innovative solutions designed for growth and success in this hyper-competitive environment. The ability to Attract, Engage, Execute, and Measure is essential, and will continue to increase in importance.

WestRock provides multiple options for this omnichannel marketplace. Whether its promotional or permanent displays, retail signage, packaging or smart retail solutions, you can count on effective, impactful solutions when you partner with us.

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Quick and Simple Displays

In order to provide our customers with a more efficient development process and better speed to market, WestRock has created a family of Quick and Simple displays that help simplify the effort of getting your product to retail...

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Retail Reimagined Process

  • Engage
  • Execute
  • Measure


Commanding shopper attention through sensory stimulation

Shopper attention is becoming increasingly difficult to capture, and this challenging retail environment demands a partner who can disrupt the status quo.

WestRock uses light, motion, color, texture, design and sound at the retail shelf to enhance the shopping experience through sensory stimulation, establishing a meaningful connection with your brand.

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Drawing the shopper past the point of attraction and prompting them to interact or experiment

Product interaction is an essential part of the purchase process. As shoppers demand more information about the products they buy, it is vital that brands offer a more experiential way to engage with them in-store.

WestRock knows that a shopper who engages with a product on a personal level is more likely to make a purchase. Our displays encourage experimentation, prompting shoppers to touch and feel products to educate themselves and create a positive experience.

Retail Reimagined Engage Image


Executing winning solutions through strategic end-to-end capabilities 

WestRock offers a comprehensive scope of end-to-end services to ensure that our customers succeed from concept to checkout. Our commitment to innovation includes extensive research and development into cutting-edge tools and technologies that gather key insights about shoppers and retailers. We leverage our deep understanding of shopper trends and insights to activate winning strategies, starting with ideation and design, and continuing beyond the point-of-purchase with digitally enabled packaging that consumers can interact with at home.

Our award-winning design team is powered by the latest in graphic and industrial design technology. Our vast network of design, engineering and prototyping professionals are unmatched in the industry.

Our arsenal of state-of-the-art equipment, coupled with our national footprint, guarantees that we can deliver superior quality solutions while optimizing costs for our customers. Our fulfillment resources are automated for maximum efficiency and speed-to-market.

Digital production capabilities at WestRock


Innovative technologies to gain actionable insights and deliver winning solutions

WestRock is firmly committed to analytics-driven solutions that help our customers win at retail. We constantly strive to uncover better solutions that give our customers a competitive advantage.

We want to answer our customers’ most challenging questions about the shopper, shelf and display. We work with innovative partners who offer cutting-edge data measurement services to gain shopper insights and improve future customer programs.

Our insights into shopper behavior lead to improved program performance and increased in-store sales.

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