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Spotlight on WestRock Healthcare

WestRock is supporting our healthcare customers with packaging solutions for COVID-19 vaccines, treatments and diagnostics.

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healthcare folding cartons

Custom cartons. Trusted brands.

We combine high-impact graphics with innovative features to leverage packaging to differentiate your Rx and OTC pharmaceutical brands behind the counter, on the shelf, or in the home. Governed by global cGMP, ISO quality systems, and the latest state-of-the-art inspection systems, you can be assured of the highest level of quality in every step of manufacturing.

We offer our customers a unique portfolio of products from folding cartons to labels and leaflets/inserts. WestRock operates on three continents and 13 countries with over 30 facilities in Asia, Europe and North America that are focused exclusively on healthcare packaging.

Precise engineering, creative services, dedicated account management, leading manufacturing technologies and global quality systems support these products from development through to commercialization.

Advanced healthcare labeling capabilities

Specialty Labels

Specialty Labels

We think about labels… a lot. How they can enhance a brand, enrich an experience, guide customers, protect families, transform a supply chain

Pharmaceutical booklets

Literature & Booklets

Literature & Booklets

With a broad range of styles, innovative space-saving options, the ability to add tamper-evidence and band multiple leaflets together, our literature and booklets educate, inform and improve customer experience

adherence packaging solutions

Adherence Packaging

Adherence Packaging

Addressing the issue of patient compliance throughout the product lifecycle. Starting with early drug development through patent expiration.

healthcare mutli component kits

Multiple Component Kits

Multiple Component Kits

Global special packaging teams dedicated to complex, multi-component kits and rigid packaging designed to protect valuable medical devices while giving a premium feel

healthcare foil and lidding solutions

Printed Foils & Lidding

Printed Foils & Lidding

Ability to print and convert a variety of materials and supply on reels direct to your packaging operation

Solutions that protect and promote the world’s great brands

We offer a broad range of specialist packs to improve packing line efficiencies, reduce SKUs and improve the way information is presented to consumers.

Brand Security

Complete range of overt and covert solutions for serialization, anti-counterfeit, diversion, and tampering.

Cards & Mailers

Solutions for all types of medical cards, carriers and mailers. Full production and distribution of open and closed loop cards.

Rigid Tubes

Spiral wound and formed tubes bring a high level of brand differentiation. Custom materials, closures, and embellishments allow for complete top-to-bottom customization.

Decorative Technologies

Decorative & functional inks, coatings, and finishes that turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.


Market leading innovations that make billions of packages more intelligent, more traceable and more valuable.

Healthcare Packaging Services

Structural Engineering

We collaborate with customers, fillers, machinery manufacturers, retailers and other partners to accelerate commercialization of consumer-centric packaging solutions.

Design & Prototype

Our artwork services are customized to the healthcare industry and begin with print and artwork consultancy all the way to packaging design.

Artwork Management

Specialists in providing packaging artwork and lifecycle management for the Pharmaceutical & Healthcare sector. Esko tools enable full artwork status visibility.

Product Development & Testing

We lower your total cost by providing a complete array of support services from R&D and design through testing, manufacturing and fulfillment.

Product Launch Expertise

Highly experienced sales, service, and production personnel who are understand the complexities of launching new products.

Supply Chain Solutions


Web-based / real time VMI solutions speed up communication and reduce costs & enhance flexibility.

Facilities Management

Print-on-demand operation located within customer’s facilities significantly reduced cycle times, reduce total delivered cost, and increase on-time delivery.

Kitting / Fulfillment & Distribution

Full capabilities including adherence package filling, thermoforming, blistering, bottling, pouching, heat-sealed wallets, and white glove kitting and distribution services.

Elderly woman talking to pharmacist

Adherence Solutions

Partnering with you to close the adherence gap

WestRock understands the importance—and challenges—of improving patient adherence at each stage of the drug life cycle, from phase II-IV of the clinical trial process to filling the prescription at a retail pharmacy. For instance, a clinical trial we funded evaluating the effect of calendared blister packaging on medication adherence and health outcomes showed an uplift in both medication adherence and refill rates among patients who received their medication in blister packaging as opposed to a vial.

We lower your total cost by providing a complete array of support services from R&D and design through testing, manufacturing and fulfillment. Whether your package is designed alongside patient education, prescribing information or information on medication adherence and health outcomes, we can take you from patient-first packaging concepts through to FDA-compliant fulfillment and delivery to retail pharmacies.

By combining global scale and local supply, we help our customers mitigate risk and give them the flexibility needed to meet their requirements at every stage of the product life cycle.

  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Retail Pharmacies

Clinical Research Solutions

Good clinical research starts with good data.

Distinguishing non-responders from non-adherent patients during drug development is key to accurately assess dose response curves and medication efficacy.

As the leader in adherence measurement and analysis, we have designed solutions that deliver more adherent patients, better-informed development decisions, and faster speed to commercialization.

Our global clinical trial experts offer services that include:

  • Consulting
  • Package design
  • Manufacturing
  • Adherence web portal
  • Data analysis

WestRock partners with you to improve the accuracy of your data, saving you time and money.

Pharmaceutical Companies

Since 2009, there has been a 281%

increase in pharmaceutical spending on adherence programs 

Tasked with promoting a medication regimen

For pharmaceutical companies alone, global non-adherence represents revenue losses of $564 billion a year. As spending on adherence programs continues to climb, many brand owners are left wondering if programs are as effective as they could be.

Too often, programs are focused around two moments in the patient's medication journey:

  • When the physician first prescribes the medication
  • When the pharmacist counsels the patient at pick-up time

But what happens in between and afterward?

Our adherence solutions help fill the gap, reaching patients every day with a proven high-impact solution. Our customizable adherence packaging features calendared blisters as well as readable space for medication information and links to other adherence programs.

This drives adherence in a scalable way, as well as building equity for your brand. Learn more about our proven ROI model and how our adherence packaging combined with patient education information drove increased adherence for a common high blood pressure medication.

Retail Pharmacies

Effective adherence packaging that benefits patients, society and your bottom line.

Regression modeling has demonstrated that the single strongest individual predictor of prescription medication adherence was a sense of connectedness with a pharmacist or pharmacy staff. Yet, the US prescription dispensing process typically involves repackaging of pills from bulk manufacturer bottles into unit-of-use vials for patients. This consumes precious time that pharmacists could spend counseling patients or providing other value-added services.

For more than a decade, WestRock has delivered statistically proven adherence packaging solutions that drive adherence for patients and efficiencies for pharmacies.


Consumer-centric design for OTC solutions

Over-the-counter medications are no longer stored only on pharmacy shelves and in medicine cabinets. Instead, on-the-go consumers toss their medication packages in their purses, briefcases, glove boxes and pockets. The medication's packaging must protect the medication and fit with people's busy lives.

WestRock's packaging is designed based on insights from consumers, and integrates lifestyle-friendly features such as a discreet, compact and protective outer carton. The calendared blisters help keep patients on track with their medication routine.

This packaging benefits brands as well. The flat, readable billboard space on medication packages, including Shellpak® Renew, helps build brand differentiation and shelf appeal.

Adherence Playbook

How packaging can influence the opioid epidemic

Did you know that innovative packaging can positively impact patient adherence to medication, and that non-adherence to medication has been a contributing factor to the opioid epidemic? Non-adherence to prescriptions is costly. Not only does it lead to poor health outcomes for patients, but also to missed opportunities for pharmaceutical companies.

“At WestRock, we believe packaging can make a meaningful impact on combating the opioid crisis,” says Dave Dwyer, vice president of Global Marketing, Adherence. “We’ve spent years studying how innovative and informed packaging designs can help change the way patients appropriately initiate, take as prescribed and discontinue their medication. We’ve invested in rigorous, peer-reviewed, published research on how well-designed packaging can help—and that work is continuing.”

Download our adherence packaging playbook to learn about the benefits of our innovative packaging designs, which can improve patient adherence to medication.

Adherence Playbook

Patient-Centered Design

Good packaging protects medicine—and patients

  • Significantly reducing misuse
  • Improving adherence
  • Providing educational information
  • Making lower-count dispensing easier
  • Preventing diversion and improving trackability

Our artwork services are customized to the healthcare industry and begin with print and artwork consultancy all the way to packaging design. We use the latest workflow technologies to incorporate effective collaboration, rapid response and full regulatory compliance. We can create labels, inserts/ leaflets and booklets, cartons, rigid and flexible packaging that is unique to the healthcare space.

Through our packaging, patients are engaged with critical information every time they hold the package.

This ample, flat “billboard” space can be printed with any of the following:

  • Labelling and prescribing information
  • Educational content
  • Health warnings
  • Emergency contact info
  • Disposal instructions
  • Links to support resources (such as the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services (SAMHSA) substance abuse treatment hotline
  • QR and barcodes that link patients to additional information and resources

We utilize the most up-to-date research on patient needs around medication education as well as compliance and persistency needs. Whether your drug is dispensed in blisters or bottles, our packaging solutions help patients remember their drug regimen, track compliance and keep families safe.

  • Covert and overt brand security features (mobile device authentication)
  • Improve efficiency in the clinical setting
  • Child-resistant/ senior friendly
  • Medication adherence
  • Prevent pain management/ opioid abuse
  • Vendor consolidation delivery
  • Financial stability
  • Minimize risk
  • Differentiation all the way through to retail

We can integrate multiple print and packaging components to deliver a combination product that runs more efficiently on your filling lines and simplifies inventory management.

These include: 

  • CartonSert® (cartons with inserts, booklets, or sachets adhered during the gluing operation)
  • Custom Fit Solutions (Digital labels adhered to pre-printed folding cartons)
  • Multiserts (leaflet plus leaflet, leaflet plus day-label, leaflet plus card, leaflet plus booklet)
  • Banded leaflets (several different leaflets banded together for packing line efficiency)
  • Enhanced perfect bound booklets (can contain tabs and multi page inserts or mailing cards tipped in during binding)

From inventory management to late stage customization to global supply chain solutions – we can recommend and implement streamlined workflows that implement cost reduction at every step

We work with you to understand your unique supply chain challenges. From inventory management to late stage customization to global supply chain solutions – we can recommend and implement streamlined workflows that implement cost reduction at every step

Insights & Expertise

Put our knowledge to work for you

The only constant in healthcare is change. At WestRock, our experts work hard to stay on top of the latest trends and research in healthcare. We take pride in staying ahead of regulation and innovating to address customers' and consumers' pain points. When you partner with WestRock, our expertise is your advantage.


Novel framework to improve adherence

This framework distinguishes 3 phases of nonadherence and promotes strategies to improve clinical outcomes and reduce overall healthcare spending.