WestRock Beverage Paperboard Packaging Seminar 2018

28 & 29 November London / 3 & 4 December Paris

We are organizing two interesting and valuable workshops around Paperboard and Paperboard Packaging. After completing this program, you will be further equipped to make valuable contributions to critical packaging decisions and choices. We will cover topics such as material characteristics, printing techniques, sustainability, pack embellishments, packaging machinery, connected packaging, consumer insights and many more.

As our highly-appreciated Business Partner, we would like to invite you to one of these sessions and be your host for an interesting and enjoyable two-day workshop.

paperboard seminar

This seminar provides:

a comprehensive, hands-on exploration of Paperboard Packaging Technologies. Upon completing this program, you will be further equipped to make valuable contributions to critical packaging decisions. You will have a good understanding of the valuable attributes of paperboard packaging and packaging systems. The program is a good mix of theoretical knowledge and practical workshops. You will be working in small groups to experience and analyze the different board types, printing techniques etc. Many samples from the marketplace will be investigated and in your group you discuss why certain material choices have been made.

Paperboard Seminar Breakout 1

This seminar is designed for:

professionals in the Beverage Industry who are involved with Package Design & Development, (Trade) Marketing & Brand Management, retail Sales, Procurement, Quality Control and Production Plants (packaging and filling lines for example).

"For me it was good to hear the latest info on printing and the impact of paper in the design stage"

"Very interesting and lots of samples provided to see differences."

"Triggers new ideas!"

  • Paperboard Substrates, Applications, and Characteristics
  • Packaging Design
  • The Printing and Assembly Processes
  • How Packs Influence Machine Efficiency
  • Sustainability

Paperboard Substrates, Applications, and Characteristics

Paperboard Substrates and Applications

An introduction to paperboard substrates common to folding cartons and a clarification of manufacturing differences. Participants will compare the composition of various paperboard substrates (SBS, CUK, UKB, CRB, URB, and FBB) as appropriate to the particular market place. Participants will also define terms appropriate to the boxboard industry and identify typical applications.

Characteristics of Paperboard

Definitions of various paperboard characteristics, introducing test procedures, relevancy, and interpretation of test results. Participants will define various paperboard characteristics as they relate to specifying, designing, printing, converting and using paperboard substrates.

Packaging Design

Packaging Design

A showcase of packaging solutions spotlighting innovative structures, opening, resealable and product protection features, RFID, authentication, and tamper protection technologies. Participants will identify the functions of package design, steps in the design process, and innovative structures.

Giveaways at WestRock paperboard seminar

The Printing and Assembly Processes

The Printing Processes

A broad introduction to the predominant printing processes associated with the imaging of paperboard substrates, including Offset Lithography and Digital. Print samples exhibiting classic characteristic traits are compared. Participants will identify the predominant printing processes to the folding boxboard industry, their advantages, disadvantages, and appropriate application.

Cutting, Creasing, and Assembly

An introduction to the equipment, tools and techniques used in converting printed board into user-ready folding cartons and beverage carriers. Participants will identify the steps in cutting, scoring, perforating, folding and forming paperboard substrates.

How Packs Influence Machine Efficiency

How Packs Influence Machine Efficiency

Presenting the impact of carton quality and design on packaging machine efficiency.

Paperboard seminar attendees taking notes on paperboard packaging technologies



Explanation of PEFC and FSC programs, Paperboard manufacturing in sustainable way and update on latest developments in Europe on legislation on plastic packaging.

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Dates and Logistics

LONDON 28 & 29 NOV
Hotel to be announced shortly

Wednesday 28 November:

09:30am Registration Opens
10:30am Program Start Day 1
06:00 pm Networking Drink & Dinner

Thursday 29 November:

09:00am Start Day 2

03:30pm End of Program

Courtyard Marriott Roissy CDG Airport


Monday 3 December:

09:30am Registration Opens

10:30am Program Start Day 1

06:00pm Networking Drink & Dinner

Tuesday 4 December:

09:00am Start Day 2
03:30pm End of Program


Networking drink & dinner and two-day seminar including lunch and drinks are offered to you by WestRock

Room rates, at your own expense:

London, from GPB - £148.50- per night incl. breakfast, Wi-Fi, fitness and spa

Paris, from Euro - €134 - per night incl. breakfast, Wi-Fi, and fitness


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