Retail Reimagined: WestRock at NRF 2019

At NRF 2019, WestRock demonstrated how we are elevating the shopper experience at retail with 4K ultra high definition shelf-based digital signage. Through strategic collaborations with key technology partners including Instore Screen, Intel, and Lenovo, we are developing an end-to-end ecosystem that provides a game changing in-store platform. WestRock is bridging the gap between digital and physical to entertain, inform, engage, and provide never-before-seen methods of unlocking brand equity at shelf. This solution combines high definition headers and shelf screens that attract shopper attention with vibrant resolution, feature the ability to switch to product-related content as the shopper approaches, and ultimately provide dynamic pricing information once the shopper is fully engaged. The platform harnesses valuable shopper data while delivering enhanced in-store messaging at the shelf level, all the while creating a more experiential shopping environment in store.

Insights gleaned from our Connected Retail Solutions platform help retailers and brands learn more about the shoppers who are engaging with their products and displays. Ongoing A/B testing helps identify the most effective content to drive the highest level of conversion to increase sales and optimize marketing spend and ROI.

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Key Features of Screens:

  • Header screens are available in two-foot, three-foot, and four-foot widths.
  • Shelf-based screens are available in two-foot, three-foot, and four-foot (coming spring 2019) widths
  • Screen resolution varies from standard high definition to 4K ultra high definition
  • Contrast ratios range from 1,000:1 to 4,000:1
  • Brightness range starts at 300 nits and climbs to 1,000 nits depending on product selection
  • Multiple screens are controlled by one centralized computer/media player solution
  • 4K ultra high definition LCD screens feature higher resolution than most existing DLP and LED solutions

Key Takeaways from NRF 2019

Digital Signage Fuels Experiential Retail

The ability to attract and engage shoppers with quality content will be a gamechanger as in-store environments become increasingly experiential. Our Connected Retail Solutions platform provides personalization at scale: optical sensors can anonymously count shoppers, measure dwell time, and recognize gender, age range, and mood. Highly-targeted, context-aware, custom content is delivered to shoppers in real time. High definition screens enable retailers to create captivating shopper experiences that enhance brand messaging and enable digital activation. With the widespread availability of these capabilities in retail, shoppers will increasingly utilize screens for product information and in-store promotions.

Huge Value in Untapped Shopper Data

One thing is clear: all retailers are in the data business. From personalized video content to predictive inventory solutions, applications of in-store data collection touch nearly every aspect of retail. The ability to combine data sets and leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning enables retailers to optimize results in a powerful way.

Personalization is a Must

With the plethora of data being gathered and measured across retail environments, brands and retailers have the power to tailor in-store messaging to each individual shopper. Today’s shopper expects to see messaging that is customized to their individual needs, and if done correctly this personalized content will drive increased engagement and conversion.

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