In-house printing. Automated labeling.

WestRock RockLine Machinery with Begonias

RockLine® makes in-house printing and automated labeling a breeze.

Designed for the horticulture industry, WestRock's family of Rockline® label applicators reduces labor and increases production speed, allowing growers to quickly react to the changing needs of their customers.

With inline and offline printing options, and the flexibility to print on demand or run pre-printed labels, RockLine® helps minimize pre-print label waste and eliminates the need for pre-labeled pots.

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WestRock helps customers reduce labor costs, increase production speeds and grow sales

Machinery Options

Print and Apply Label Applicators

  • RockLine 2b

RockLine 2i

Inline printing

No designated printers needed! This loose loop system with printers on the sides for quicker printer changeouts allows inline print and apply label application for on-the-fly label changes at the line.

RockLine 2b

Built-in inline printing

With left and right-hand printers built into the label applicator for an integrated closed loop system, this model allows growers to apply pre-printed or print-on-demand labels.

Line drawing of automated horticulture machinery

Label Applicators

  • RockLine 2o

RockLine 4

RockLine 2o


We bring creative and innovative solutions to the horticulture industry.

With over 100 years of experience, we have curated a timeless collection of horticulture paper products, a wide range of tags and handles, POP, packaging and adhesive labels that set our customers apart at retail.

Our adhesive labels can be designed and customized to fit any need and work. seamlessly with the RockLine® label applicators.

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WestRock produces a wide array of paper and label solutions for the horticulture industry
WestRock RockLine Label Applicator


Your complete solutions provider.

WestRock provides customers with a complete turnkey solution, including labels, automation, installation, training, and support from our many service technicians around the country.